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Morning Reading | When I’m Running

No matter how slow I run, no matter how small the pace, no matter how tortuous the process is, I will definitely be able to run steadily to the finish line.Morning Reading | When I’m Running

Running, for a long time, has been one of the top three things I hate to do. If I hadn’t put on this navy blue, I don’t think I would have been able to take the initiative to touch running in my life.

The physical education class in my student days shaped my initial understanding of the sport of “running”. At that time, running, just to complete the test assigned by the teacher. The experience of running 1,000 meters in physical education class always brings back painful memories. I remember that after the whistle sounded, I was gradually thrown away by my classmates, my body gradually became out of breath, my trachea seemed to be burning, and my stomach was also very painful. My first impression of running was painful, and every time I thought about it, I had the image of me running around on the track.

 Morning Reading | When I'm Running
Morning Reading | When I’m Running

Every time I ran after that, when I was catching a bus, a high-speed train, or an appointment, I had to be pushed forward and run out of breath. After calming down, I couldn’t help but wonder why I, a person who doesn’t like to run, runs? To lose weight? for health? Or for some kind of status symbol? It doesn’t seem to be the answer.

Later, when I was admitted to the police academy, I encountered more times when I needed to run. From 5,000-meter long-distance running to 10kg weight-bearing running, one item of “intensive training” that challenges the limits of the human body has become “common”. The more you run, the more you gradually discover the rules of running: in the first 5 to 10 minutes of running, when you are the most tired, you will feel that your body does not obey your commands, and it is difficult to move your legs, as if it does not belong to you. . As long as you have enough perseverance to get through the first 5 to 10 minutes, your body will familiarize itself with the rhythm of running. Running, it seems, is not as difficult as it was at first.

After mastering the rules of running, I began to take the initiative to try long-distance running, and I also met a group of like-minded partners. As a result, on the playground of the Public Security College, there were a group of high-spirited jogging teenagers, who were vigorous and chasing after the morning light. Facing the wind, I trot forward with light footsteps and a high-spirited attitude. It seems that I have returned to the time when I was young. On the runway, it is still the same me who was left behind by my classmates, but there are a group of lovely people outside the runway. Son, they gave me a reassuring, empathetic smile, saying come on, I know you’ve worked hard.

Because of the pressure of my new job, I started to try to go out for a run with my dog ​​at home. In the process, I saw a lot of different people running for different purposes. I have seen old people running and those running in wheelchairs, and they all exude a spirit: not giving up on themselves and facing life bravely. I have also met passers-by who cheered on my dog. They always praised him for his well-behaved character, and the silly dog ​​has been happily running with me. I think the stupid dog should not understand what they are saying or why we are running. It only cares about the road under its feet. As long as I take it with me, it is willing to take these roads.

In fact, I should not think too much about meaning, and I can just focus on the paths under my feet. After these journeys are completed, it is meaningful enough to do everything well. No matter how slow I run, no matter how small the pace, no matter how twisty the process is, I will definitely run steadily to the finish line

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