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Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself

In life, true self-confidence comes from the construction of inner life. Self-confidence is not achieved overnight. Self-confidence comes from our continuous inner construction and growth.Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself

Good self-confidence comes from our acceptance of ourselves, but also from our continuous construction and awareness of ourselves. If we want to make life more and more confident, please remember that we must learn to nourish ourselves. The more you know how to nourish yourself, the more you can get out of the existing scarcity and embrace an abundant life.

Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself
Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself

1. First, learn to affirm the value of your own life

The essence of learning to be rich is to first affirm the value of one’s own life. Many times, we feel inferior because we do not see the value of our own life.

We lose our self-confidence in comparison with others, and even forget the meaning of our own life in our inferiority complex. So if we want to become confident, the most important way is to go back to the source of life and affirm our self-worth.

When you continue to affirm your self-worth, you can awaken your inner self-confidence. Confidence is essentially a positive affirmation of life.

So you don’t need to doubt your own value, you don’t need to deny yourself, this is the basis for us to improve our inner lack, and it also stimulates our desire to explore.

Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself
Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself

The birth of life itself is a miracle, and we need to see the miracle of ourselves. Many times, the bad life is caused by our own feelings, and from the perspective of human evolution, you will see the courage and wisdom that life bursts out.

We need to examine the meaning of self-life from the perspective of the evolution of life systems and the birth of life itself, and you can find that self-life is a very precious experience.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, our life has been iterated countless times in the long-term evolution. From apes to the development of human high-tech, from the development of emotional brain to rational brain, every iteration of human beings leads us to create More miracles.

In the face of the continuous evolution of life, we need to cherish this life experience, the more we will make good use of life and know how to use life to create more miracles and wonderful.

Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself
Most advanced self-confidence comes from nourishing yourself

2. Second, expand the dimension of your view of life

Many times, what makes us inferior is often the dimension and perspective of how we look at things. Once you know how to expand the dimensions and perspectives of your life, you will often become more confident.

If a person wants to become confident, he needs to jump out of the ego, which is the foundation of changing self-confidence. In the case of the teacher’s consultation, the reason why many people feel inferior is often to stay in the narrowness of the self, which can easily make us magnify our grievances and frustrations.

When you magnify your grievances and setbacks, some aspects of us will be controlled by the illusion created by these setbacks, and we are most likely to fall into the phenomenon of learned helplessness.

In essence, learned helplessness is also because after experiencing setbacks, you no longer believe in yourself. This is the destruction of your own life, and it is also a situation where your life has fallen into despair.

expand the dimension of your view of life
expand the dimension of your view of life

At this time, looking at challenges and grievances from more dimensions of life, we may understand that all setbacks represent our need for self-growth, and growth will continuously enhance our experience of life, and these positive experiences can enhance our self-esteem. With courage and wisdom, our ego will gradually build up.

Good self-confidence is developed from a multi-dimensional perspective. Fu Cong recounted that every time he encountered setbacks, his father would write to him, telling him about the training process of many great people. It was precisely with the encouragement of his father that he deeply understood that the setbacks of growth are all inevitable encounters.

The real enrichment is not to let oneself eat and dress well, to truly enrich oneself is to know how to use advanced consciousness to lead one’s growth, and see the higher dimension and vision of life, our life will continue to open.

3. Third, learn to develop oneself and see the miracle of self-life

The highest enrichment comes from developing the self. Many times, our doubts and denials about our own life will make our life fall into a state of stagnation.

Learning to develop ourselves is the foundation of our growth in life. Many times, we do not understand the true meaning of enriching ourselves, we think that enriching ourselves is only to satisfy ourselves materially.

In fact, good nourishment comes from believing in the miracle of life and living out its original light. If we believe in the miracle of life within, you may know that your life is a continuous process of witnessing miracles.

Witnessing miracles is not about making your life exactly the same as someone else’s life, but in the process of growing up, you continue to accept yourself, continue to explore, do what you want to do, and in learning and self-acceptance, gradually see to the enriched self.

To enrich oneself is a kind of grace to see life, but also to know the preciousness of life, so I don’t want to waste my life, but to understand the preciousness of life, act hard, and use practical actions to create miracles of my life.

If we learn to develop ourselves, we will also find that life can be shaped. In essence, self-development is the integration of our own life and the environment, so that we can gradually live out our best self, and naturally our inner self-confidence will increase. come better.

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