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Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too

As a member of nature, everyone has to face the four processes of birth, aging, illness and death. Maybe most people are very resistant to aging, especially women who love beauty can’t accept the signs of aging on their bodies, such as facial sagging Wrinkles and aging mean that you have become an old person, youth has passed away, and you have to face the face of ugly, out of shape, physical and mental pressure is very great, every woman does not want to grow old too fast, so through various There are many ways to maintain the body, such as applying expensive skin care products, adjusting the diet structure, exercising and so on.Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of living standards and the accelerated pace of life, people’s living habits and eating habits have undergone earth-shaking changes, and their physical conditions are also very different from those of ten years ago. Two women of the same age, one She looks very young, and one looks much older than her peers. In fact, some bad behaviors in life will accelerate the aging process of the body. I hope everyone can get rid of it as soon as possible.

1. These 4 behaviors will accelerate women’s aging, it is best not to do

A. Staying up late, irregular work and rest

Staying up late is a common problem for modern people, and it is also a normal way of life. Female friends are usually not busy at work. In order to have work and leisure time, they choose to shorten their sleep time, so it is easier to stay up late, especially after getting married and having children, and taking care of children at night. Doing housework during the day and sometimes working, and facing no less pressure in life than men, so the speed of body aging will be faster.

Female friends with poor physical fitness, stay up late for a long time, and have a lot of mental and physical stress, resulting in a rapid decline in the secretion of estrogen in the body, damage to the uterus and ovaries, premature aging, and accelerated aging of the body.

B. Smoking

Smoking is harmful to health and damages the lungs. This is a common knowledge in the world, but many people still can’t change the bad habit of smoking. Just the difficult withdrawal reaction makes most people who want to quit smoking give up halfway. Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful substances and more than 300 carcinogens. These toxins enter the body of women to accelerate the aging of the body, and the skin becomes rough and dull.

These 4 behaviors will accelerate women's aging
These 4 behaviors will accelerate women’s aging

In particular, the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth have increased significantly, making them look old, and perennial smoking will also affect the endocrine system of women, disrupting the endocrine balance, causing menstrual disorders, and even premature amenorrhea.

Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too
Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too

C. Preference for sweets

Women usually like to eat some sweets, such as milk tea and cream cake. When they are in a low mood, they like to eat sweets and cakes, which can improve their mood. Desserts contain a lot of sugar, which can promote the secretion of dopamine and regulate positive emotions after entering the human body. Pastries are high-sugar and high-calorie foods. Frequent consumption may lead to excessive calories and fat accumulation, which is not conducive to weight control and accelerates body aging.

D. Do not remove makeup before going to bed

Beauty-loving women usually put on delicate makeup before going out in the morning, which can improve a person’s spirit, cover up facial defects, and improve their appearance. After a busy day in the daytime, when I got home at night, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I just wanted to get a good night’s sleep, but I ignored the important steps of removing makeup and cleaning my face.

If you don’t pay attention to removing makeup for a long time or go to sleep with makeup removed, the chemicals and heavy metals in cosmetics and skin care products will accumulate in the pores, and over time will develop chloasma, freckles, lose luster on the face, and look several years old. Female friends do not want to be called “yellow-faced women” when they reach a certain age, so they must pay attention to cleaning their faces before going to bed every day.

Do not remove makeup before going to bed
Do not remove makeup before going to bed

2. Women who are “aging slowly” may often eat these foods, I hope you like them too

A. Pomegranate

In order to meet the needs of women, merchants have launched a variety of skin care products. Women who are familiar with skin care products or who often buy skin care products should have discovered that some skin care products contain pomegranate seeds, which means that Pomegranate seeds are good for skin care.

In addition to pomegranate seeds, if women don’t want their skin to age too fast, they can eat pomegranates often in their life and choose seasonal pomegranates. Pomegranates are sweet and sour, juicy, and have high nutritional value. Women can keep their skin elastic by eating them regularly. , A shiny state, and at the same time, it can supplement the nutrients needed by the body, and play a role in nourishing the uterus and ovaries.

B. winter melon

Women who are in the period of losing weight like to eat wax gourd. Wax melon contains almost no fat and is not high in calories. Eating it regularly can reduce swelling and diuresis, and speed up the active metabolism. If women do not want to age too fast, they can eat wax gourd regularly. Beauty and beauty, rich in nutrients, can play an anti-aging effect on women, and look younger and more energetic than their peers.

best food for anti aging women
best food for anti aging women

C. Kelp

Kelp is a common seafood in daily life, also known as “women’s natural beauty salon”. It is rich in iodine, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of thyroid diseases. Eating kelp regularly can speed up the body’s blood circulation and reduce the operation of blood vessel walls. pressure.

Kelp is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can excrete excess fat from the body, thereby preventing the appearance of iron-deficiency diseases. Women can eat kelp regularly to reduce melanin deposition in the body, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and spots, protect The skin is protected from damage by oxygen free radicals.

D. Papaya

Eating papaya can increase breasts. This is what most women know about papaya. Many people find that the effect is very small after trying it for themselves. In fact, some special ingredients contained in papaya can indeed promote the growth of women’s breasts, but they need to eat a lot of papaya. To achieve the effect of breast enhancement, it is unrealistic to eat papaya for breast enhancement, but I have to admit that female friends who often eat papaya can indeed bring many benefits to the body.

Because papaya is rich in nutrients such as carotene and vitamin E, these substances are powerful antioxidants and have a good antioxidant effect. If you don’t want to be prematurely aging, you can eat papaya on your body to anti-aging.Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too

papaya is rich in nutrients such as carotene and vitamin E
papaya is rich in nutrients such as carotene and vitamin E

To sum up, female friends often eat these kinds of foods, which may play an anti-aging effect and slow down the pace of aging. In addition to anti-aging in terms of diet, they should also exercise a lot to maintain a good body shape. , Avoid obesity, drink plenty of water, women are made of water.

Female friends in front of the screen, what other foods do you know can delay aging? Please leave a comment below.Old slow women may eat these foods often I hope you like them too

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