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People who are often numb should pay attention

The accelerated pace of life has also brought a lot of pressure to people, especially for men, who are the mainstay of a family and the main economic support, not only subject to the double pressure of work and life, but also face various Trivial and trivial things, thus suffering from various chronic diseases and metabolic diseases. Some people may experience sudden numbness in their hands and sometimes facial numbness in their lives, thinking that they have facial paralysis. , When the blood flow in the body is abnormal, do not ignore it.People who are often numb should pay attention

After entering the winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. Some people think that the numbness of the hands is caused by the cold weather.

People who are often numb should pay attention
People who are often numb should pay attention

1. If hand numbness occurs frequently, it may be a signal from these diseases

A. Cerebral infarction

When it comes to cerebral infarction, I believe that everyone is not familiar with it. Cerebral infarction occurs frequently in the elderly and has become a sudden disease that seriously endangers physical health. Decreased, the blood flow slows down, resulting in a variety of geriatric and metabolic diseases.

The research results show that cerebral infarction tends to be younger in contemporary times. Before the occurrence of this kind of disease, there may be symptoms of numbness and pain in one side of the hand and foot, and in severe cases, it may lead to arrhythmia, which is life-threatening.

People who are often numb should pay attention
People who are often numb should pay attention

Don’t panic if you have a cerebral infarction. Take medicine on time and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which can help improve and strengthen the function of blood vessels, and can also balance nutrition. Exercise more regularly, which is of great help to blood circulation. Find someone to get up early, develop good living habits, and do not eat high-fat foods.

B. Cervical spondylosis

Numbness of the fingers due to cervical spondylosis is very common. This is due to prolonged sitting, lack of activity, and abnormal neck posture. The degenerative changes of the cervical intervertebral discs lead to disc herniation, hyperplasia or hypertrophy of the joints, and compression. When it reaches the nerve root, it can cause pain. When the compression time is prolonged, the myelin sheath supporting the nerve will be damaged, and the finger will feel numb. In this case, it is also accompanied by neck and shoulder muscle pain, radiating pain in the upper limbs, and movement disorders. Performance.

C. Diabetic peripheral neuritis

People with diabetes are likely to experience numbness in the fingers, and the blood sugar level is not well controlled and continues to increase. High blood sugar can damage peripheral nerves, causing insufficient oxygen and blood supply, and numbness in both feet and hands. Diabetes Numbness of the fingers caused by common complications is often the same shape as the gloves, socks and socks that are usually worn. This is a characteristic sign of neuritis that is common in diabetic complications.

  How can we relieve hand numbness in our daily life?
How can we relieve hand numbness in our daily life?

D. radiculitis

If some nerves are inflamed due to local tumor compression and injury, it will cause numbness and cervical spondylosis in that area.

It can be seen that there are many factors that cause finger numbness. If hand numbness often occurs, it is best to go to the hospital to seek the help of a professional doctor in time to diagnose the specific cause and treat it symptomatically, so as to avoid serious consequences.

2. How can we relieve hand numbness in our daily life?

Sometimes the hand numbness is caused by the lack of vitamins in the body. When the body lacks vitamin B1, it may cause the numbness of the fingers to be aggravated. At this time, it is necessary to supplement vitamin B1 in time, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, so that to a certain extent Relieve hand numbness problem.

In daily life, don’t keep your hands in one position for a long time. For office workers, you might as well turn your wrists and pinch your wrists frequently in your spare time. These are good ways to relieve hand numbness.

  How can we relieve hand numbness in our daily life?
How can we relieve hand numbness in our daily life?

Two tips to help you get rid of numb hands:

  1. Aquarius exercises “wrist” strength Prepare bottles of about 250cc, such as beverage cans and small water bottles. With your palms facing down, hold the bottle filled with water, and lift and bend your wrists up and down at a gentle speed, holding up and down for 5 seconds, back and forth 10 times.
  2. Lajin relieves “wrist” injury Extend your arms forward and palms down. If there is a signal of numbness in your hands, you can usually do the following: Press the back of your hand down with the other hand, and then pull your palm inward for 10 seconds each. Back and forth 10 times. Conclusion: Some small problems in life may lead to serious diseases, so everyone should not ignore the signals sent by the body, develop the awareness of physical examination, do a physical examination every year, early detection and early treatment.

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