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Regardless of men and women the age of 55-65 is the lifespan abandon 4 habits

Birth, old age, sickness and death are the laws of nature. Aging is unavoidable for everyone. As the age progresses, the internal organs begin to decline, and degenerative changes occur. The physical condition is also getting worse and worse. Energetic, decreased appetite.Regardless of men and women the age of 55-65 is the lifespan abandon 4 habits

Regardless of men and women, the age of 55-65 is the lifespan
Regardless of men and women, the age of 55-65 is the lifespan

The problem of population aging in our country is getting more and more serious. In the face of aging, people want to get old in many ways, hoping to reduce the impact of aging on life and work. Relevant statistics show that the number of elderly people over 60 years old in my country has reached 260 million. In the face of aging, most of the middle-aged and elderly people pay more attention to health preservation and learn health preservation knowledge through various channels.

Medical research shows that the period from 55 to 65 years old is the golden period for body conditioning, also known as the “best lifespan”. During this period, the body’s immunity and resistance have declined rapidly. It is very easy to be invaded by external bacteria and viruses, which will bring harm to physical health. For women, this period is very important. With the arrival of menopause and menopause, the body will inevitably be affected, and the elderly should be protected. Good body, slow down the aging speed of the body.

1. Regardless of men and women, the age of 55-65 is the lifespan, the doctor reminds: abandon 4 habits, insist on doing 4 things

A. staying up late

Staying up late has become the norm for contemporary young people, and staying up late hurting the body is also a well-known common sense. People always think that they sleep less at night and make up for it during the day. Night is a critical period for the body to detoxify and repair. If you stay up late for a long time and lack of sleep, it will cause the organs to not have enough time to repair and detoxify, endocrine disorders, damage to internal organs, and endanger health.

Contemporary young people generally habitually stay up late until after 12 o’clock and then fall asleep, and the prime time for liver detoxification and repair is between 11:00 and 1:00. It is undoubtedly very large, and the excess waste and toxins in the body continue to accumulate, thus endangering the normal index value of the body Regardless of men and women the age of 55-65 is the lifespan abandon 4 habits

do not staying up late
do not staying up late

B. The habit of eating high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt and other foods

If you want to maintain your life, if you want to seize this critical period, keep your mouth shut and learn to avoid food, such as fried foods, fatty meat, and pickled foods, eat less, eat seven or eight full meals at each meal, and avoid eating too much and eating too much. support, increasing the risk of stroke. Related studies have shown that eating high-fat foods increases the risk of cerebral infarction in postmenopausal women by a full 40% compared with low-fat diets.

Excessive intake of fat and salt will accumulate fat in the blood vessels in the body, increase the pressure of blood vessels, increase the level of triglycerides, induce atherosclerosis, and enter the high incidence period of diseases in middle age, such as high oil, high salt, Foods high in sugar must be avoided.

C. The habit of smoking and drinking

It is a well-known common sense that smoking damages the lungs and drinking damages the liver. Both cigarettes and alcohol are classified as a class of carcinogens by the World Health Organization. Smoking first harms the respiratory system. In addition to causing serious harm to the lungs, long-term smoking will also cause certain harm to other organs of the body.

In addition, drinking alcohol increases the burden on the liver, induces alcoholic liver, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and even develops into liver cancer, causing irreversible damage to the body.

stop drinking alcohol and smoking for better life
stop drinking alcohol and smoking for better life

C. Do not like to exercise, sedentary habits

After the improvement of living standards, people’s living habits have undergone great changes. Most of them leave manual work and start mental work. They sit in the office every day, look at computers and mobile phones, and process various documents. However, prolonged sedentary and lack of exercise can also induce a series of physical diseases, such as obesity, cervical spondylosis, lumbar strain and so on.

You should exercise more regularly, get up and move around frequently, and move your body to avoid harm to your body from sitting for a long time.

Insist on doing 4 things

Drink more water

There are 60% 70% water in the human body. As the saying goes, water is the source of life and the main energy to maintain the body’s metabolism. Drinking more water can provide enough water for the body, maintain the body’s normal metabolism, and expel the garbage and waste from the body. It can prevent the occurrence of constipation, reduce the damage caused by metabolites and toxins to the liver, in addition to maintaining the skin and delaying skin aging.

–Ensure enough sleep

The elderly have one thing in common, that is, the sleep time is shortened and the sleep quality is poor. The older they are, the more they should ensure high-quality and adequate sleep. When they get older, the internal organs of the body gradually begin to age, and the sleep quality of many elderly people declines rapidly. This condition is related to endocrine changes and neurological decline.

If there is no way to have high-quality sleep to regulate the body and mind, fight aging while enhancing resistance, you should make up for proper sleep. The quality of sleep at night is poor and the time is short. You can take a proper nap at noon. This method ensures that you have enough sleep. Sleep time, while promoting good health and preventing the appearance of diseases.

  1. moderate exercise As the saying goes, life lies in exercise. When you get old, you need to exercise more. Don’t lie down and sit at home every day to recuperate, exercise more, and ensure sufficient exercise, which can enhance physical fitness and prevent diseases. Some people think that after getting older, the joints and bones tend to degenerative changes, so they dare not exercise easily. Master the correct way of exercising, gradually increase the intensity and time during the exercise process, it has many benefits for bones and joints, do not start high-intensity exercise that you have never tried before, your body cannot adapt Exercise intensity, moderate exercise, and persistence can enhance physical fitness, promote the body’s blood circulation, and improve metabolism.
  2. maintain a good attitude Anger hurts the liver, and being in a bad emotional state for a long time can easily affect physical health. The elderly should maintain a good attitude, manage their emotions, stabilize their mentality, learn to regulate their bodies, and have the potential for longevity. Many elderly people are affected by diseases , Originally sensitive, loses his temper at every turn, is affected by various negative emotions, under the stimulation of bad mentality and negative emotions, accelerates the aging of the body, increases blood pressure, and uncontrolled blood sugar and blood lipids. In addition, some people’s decreased liver and heart function is also caused by long-term emotional changes. If you can stay away from negative emotions as soon as possible and maintain a very optimistic attitude, it will also have a good effect on health.

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