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Regular exercise equals free beauty treatments?

If you want to keep your skin healthy, don’t do 2 things before exercising

Life lies in exercise, and the benefits that exercise can bring to us are obvious, such as improving immunity, accelerating metabolism, preventing a series of physical diseases and so on.Regular exercise equals free beauty treatments?

However, there are many benefits that exercise can bring to health, and there are still many things that we have not noticed at all. For example, exercise can bring many benefits to the skin, especially for female friends, to develop the habit of exercise is undoubtedly to experience a set of 0 yuan “Beauty Package”.

1. Regular exercise = beauty! What benefits can exercise bring to the skin?

Benefit 1: Exercise promotes oil secretion

—Helps skin lock in moisture

Keeping hydrated and helping the skin lock in moisture is the most basic way to maintain the skin.

In order to help the skin retain moisture, the role of oil is very important. Oil is insoluble in water and can naturally form a new protective layer on the surface of the skin’s moisture to reduce the loss of skin moisture.

 Regular exercise equals free beauty treatments?
Regular exercise equals free beauty treatments?

In the process of exercising, the oil will be secreted due to the accelerated metabolism, which in turn makes the skin lock in water better, which is beneficial to the health of the skin.

Benefit 2: Improve sweating efficiency

——Aids in cleaning pores

The health of the skin depends largely on the amount of dirt on the skin surface. If the skin is not cleaned enough, excessive dust and metabolites accumulate in the pores and skin folds, which will continue to irritate the skin and easily form erythema, dullness, and acne. A series of skin symptoms, such as acne, greatly affect the appearance.

If we can develop the habit of exercising, while sweating increases, it is also equivalent to scrubbing the pores, reducing the accumulation of dirt on the skin surface, and the skin will be less stimulated by metabolites.

Benefit 3: Exercise accelerates blood circulation

——Increase epidermal cell reserve

Younger and more active skin cells are essential for healthier skin.

Imagine, if your skin cells change too slowly and age generally, the quality of your skin will naturally not be very optimistic.

Exercise is a behavior that accelerates body functions, not only metabolism, but also the speed of blood circulation. In the process of increasing blood flow, the transmission efficiency of cellular oxygen and nutrients will increase, and the frequency of replacement will also speed up.

What benefits can exercise bring to the skin?
What benefits can exercise bring to the skin?

In other words, the way of exercising is like storing young epidermal cells for the skin, so that the skin maintains youthful vitality most of the time, which not only helps beauty, but also plays a good role in longevity and anti-aging. help.

There are also beauty benefits such as regulating hormones, reducing skin cell oxidation; exercising to lose weight, reducing skin sagging and other beauty benefits. Ways”, especially for female friends, it is beneficial and harmless to develop the habit of exercising every day.

Presumably many female friends who love beauty have begun to develop the habit of exercise, but then again, although exercise has many benefits for the skin, the preparation habits before exercise are also very important. Some subconscious wrong actions are easy to cause damage to skin health. Negative effects, please keep in mind.

2. Before exercising, 2 things are best not to do, but it is easy to damage the skin

“Pre-workout makeup”

Some female friends who love beauty, in order to make themselves look “beautiful” when exercising, even if they go out for a run, they should dress up carefully.

But this is just useless work. When exercising, the makeup will fall off with sweat. Even if you put on makeup, it will not have any cosmetic effect. In addition, if you put on makeup before exercising, the residue of the makeup will be mixed with oil, forming a more stubborn The dirt accumulates in the pores and causes damage to the skin. Therefore, simply apply some sunscreen or antifreeze necessary skin care products before exercising.

“Drink a sports drink before exercise”

In order to replenish energy before exercise, it seems understandable to drink beverages, especially sports drinks, to replenish energy.

What benefits can exercise bring to the skin?
What benefits can exercise bring to the skin?

But in fact, sports drinks contain a lot of caffeine and taurine, these substances can effectively promote your body’s blood circulation, improve function, in order to achieve the purpose of explosive exercise potential.

However, if such a habit is maintained for a long time, the burden on the blood vessels and the heart will be very large, and the blood circulation will be reduced in efficiency due to the excessive strain of the blood vessels, which will then affect the replacement of skin cells, resulting in a decline in the quality of the skin.

To sum up, there are indeed many benefits of exercise for the skin, but we must also pay attention to the methods and methods before exercise, drink some water appropriately, and do warm-up exercises, which are the basis and premise of reasonable exercise.

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