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Right way of exercising for a visible abs

No matter who they are, they hope that they can have a very good figure, but reality and ideals always run counter to each other. Not only do they not have a good figure, but on the contrary, they have an extremely bloated figure, and the beer belly is even more obvious.Right way of exercising for a visible abs

 Right way of exercising for a visible abs I have never seen my abs
Right way of exercising for a visible abs I have never seen my abs

I don’t know what kind of figure can be called a good figure in everyone’s opinion. Is it like a fitness expert? In fact, in the eyes of most people, the best body is a flat belly. If conditions permit, it is best to have looming muscle lines. Such a body is truly charming.

But it’s easier said than done. It is really very difficult to create such a figure. There are only a handful of people who can have it. Although there are many people who maintain the habit of exercising all the year round, their lower abdomen is extremely flat, but they are very flat. There is no trace of abdominal muscles. The reason why this happens is that in the final analysis, the way of exercise is wrong.

You have been in the habit of exercising for many years, but you have never seen your abs. Are you exercising in the right way?

A. Make sure your body fat percentage is low enough

Although many people clamor for losing weight every day and take action, sometimes they are in vain because they do not understand whether they want to lose weight or control their body fat rate.

Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, you have abdominal muscles, it’s just a matter of whether you can see them.

The reason why some people have very obvious abdominal muscles is because the body fat rate is low, and some people can’t see the abdominal muscles. After all, it is because the abdominal muscles are almost covered by a layer of fat.

If you want abdominal muscles to appear, the first thing to do is to reduce your body fat and subcutaneous fat. The less subcutaneous fat, the clearer and more obvious the muscle lines will be.

 Right way of exercising for a visible abs
Right way of exercising for a visible abs

If you want to reduce the fat content in your body, the first thing you have to do is to increase your exercise volume. You can reduce your body fat through aerobic exercise. Choose aerobic exercise programs that suit you every day for training, and do 30~40 exercise each time. After a few minutes, the effect will be more obvious.

In addition to aerobic training, it is also necessary to add anaerobic training and do as much compound multi-joint training as possible, which can not only improve the overall line very effectively, but also maximize the basal metabolism. After aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are combined, the effect of fat burning will be accelerated. It is best to do strength training first, and then do aerobic exercise, so that the effect will be better.

B. a reasonable diet

Diet can be said to be the source of energy and nutrients for the human body. If you have a good menu, it will not only ensure good health, but also improve the efficiency of fat loss. A lot of exercise, still can not see the traces of abdominal muscles.

If you want to make your abdominal muscles appear, improve your diet plan as much as possible, eat less and eat more meals, so that the absorption rate can be effectively improved. At the same time, you should also avoid junk food and alcohol intake in your daily life. It is possible to consume more high-protein foods and reduce the intake of carbohydrates, which can make fat loss more effective.

best diet for visible abs
best diet for visible abs

C. Perform high-efficiency abdominal training

The abdominal muscles are actually the same as the muscles in other parts of the body. If you are simply very thin, you cannot see the existence of abdominal muscles. If you want to see them, you need to create lines through repeated stimulation.

When your physique is low enough, a group of high-efficiency abdominal muscle training can be very effective to achieve obvious abdominal muscles. In addition, it should be noted that the vicinity is not a muscle, but a muscle group.

This also means that simply relying on a sit-up exercise cannot stimulate the entire abdominal muscles. What we need to do is to cooperate with multiple movements to stimulate the muscles in all directions without dead ends.

best exercise for a perfect abs 2022
best exercise for a perfect abs 2022

In fact, if you really want to choose, plank support is a very good choice. It can be said that plank support is recognized as the most effective way to train core muscles, but if you just do plank training, you can only practice the abdomen. The transverse muscle, so it is necessary to constantly stimulate the abdominal muscles through identification.

The following 7 movements can very effectively stimulate the muscles of the entire abdomen, so that the abdominal muscle lines become more obvious, each movement for 30 seconds, 7 movements as a group, practice three groups every day, after a month Abdominal muscles will show.

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