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Round face is suitable for short hair or long hair for women

In fact, I have always envied round-faced girls, because a round face will really make me look younger, and there is always a feeling of being full of collagen. Friends around me say that my face will look better if I have a rounder face, but if my face is round Now, it means that my body is too round, but as a round-faced woman, although I am very young and cute, it is easy to get fat, especially when I take pictures, I am not very photogenic, then in fact, you guys You can think carefully about the hairstyle. A woman with a slightly fat round face may look fat if she has straight hair. These 3 styles look thin and curly hair, look tender and very advanced! Round face is suitable for short hair or long hair for women

1.Medium-divided shallow corrugated roll

Round face hairstyle for women
Round face hairstyle for women

It seems that the corrugated rolls have been popular for several years, and the corrugated rolls are also divided into large and small ones. Today, I want to introduce to the slightly fat girls with round faces. It is this kind of shallow corrugated rolls. In fact, it is still a large roll. A kind of, but the arc is not so big, so the whole hair has a slightly fluffy feeling, you can put it on long hair or on curly hair, it is very thin. Because it won’t be too fluffy, it won’t make the face look big and big, but this slightly fluffy air feeling can keep the hair from sticking to the face, not as stiff as straight hair, and not as big as straight hair. The feeling of banging up is very small, and the whole temperament is gentle and advanced. Using this hairstyle with a sweater in winter really looks too gentle!

2. Medium and long hair with large curls

The second type of thin curly hair to be mentioned is more suitable for this kind of medium and long hair, because it is hung with temperament, and medium and long hair can be interpreted better. It is actually a type of large wavy curl. But the overall arc will be larger, so if you don’t go to the barber shop to blow it, it will not be too curly, and it is precisely because of this attribute that it is very suitable for slightly fat round-faced women, in fact, Although it is not a round face, it is also an oval face with a little baby fat, and this hairstyle makes her face very angular, because the curly hair with a relatively large arc can visually elongate the face shape, and the face is not so round. Yes, and it will look a lot thinner!

Medium and long hair with large curls
Medium and long hair with large curls

Let’s take a look at Yoona’s hairstyle. You can see from this picture that this kind of curly hair is really casual, not the kind of regular curly hair, but the kind of feeling that goes with the wind , This kind of airy curly hair can automatically form a circle of shadows around the face, like the self-contained contour powder, which makes your face shrink from the front. If you like bangs, you can also Leaving air bangs like Yu Yuner will make you look thinner and smaller, and it will also look tender and high-end!

3. Neck fluffy curly hair

Neck fluffy curly hair
Neck fluffy curly hair

The last thing I want to introduce to the round face and fat girl is a curly hair, even a round face has the right to have short hair, but don’t worry, this short hair will not look fat at all, it looks just a simple neck-length short hair, In fact, it has done a little fluffy treatment at the end of the hair. It is a textured perm effect made with a large curling rod. Basically, the hair will be more natural after washing it a few times. The effect is that others think you are like There is no perm, but your hair is so fluffy, put a distance between the face and the hair, so that the face looks very small, very thin, and the short hair is particularly advanced and temperament, very tender and age-reducing, Don’t keep fat straight hair, it will suit you better!

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