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Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods

In the eyes of modern people, smoking is a common behavior, especially in public places, there are always a few people who are “immersed” smoking, “smoking is harmful to health”, which is also understood by the smoker himself, but when a smoker is addicted to smoking When I commit a crime, I can’t resist the temptation of cigarettes at all. I can only take out the cigarettes in my pocket, and after lighting it, I can’t extricate myself in the smoke.Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods

Tobacco will release more than 2000 kinds of harmful substances, including more than 300 kinds of carcinogens, if the bad habit of smoking is not changed in time, in addition to causing serious damage to the lungs, other internal organs will also be affected accordingly. damage.

Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.
Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.

For the sake of good health, it is recommended that people who are addicted to smoking must have a correct view of smoking. In addition to quitting smoking as soon as possible, it is best to refrain from smoking in the following time periods, because smoking during these time periods is harmful to the body. The damage caused is greater than usual.

1. Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods. No matter how big your addiction is, you must endure it first. Please don’t be careless

Time period 1 – after waking up in the morning

Some smokers like to light a cigarette beside the bed after waking up in the morning. After a while, they feel much refreshed. Then they start to wash their faces, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, prepare to go out for work, and get up in the morning. Immediately after smoking, the harm to the body is double that of normal smoking. No matter how big the addiction is after getting up in the morning, you must endure it for a while. Try not to smoke. Smoking after getting up in the morning is equivalent to chronic drug addiction.

Even if some smokers are not addicted to smoking, they will habitually smoke a cigarette after getting up in the morning, because it can boost their spirits. After a night of metabolism in the human body, the concentration of nicotine in the blood decreases. Feeling uplifted.

Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.
Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.

Suggestion: endure for a while, delay smoking, and then quit smoking during this time period

Do you have the habit of “smoking in the morning”? It is recommended that you endure it first. If you are more addicted to smoking, you can delay smoking for a period of time, and then gradually quit the habit of smoking in the morning. You can delay the time to smoke the first cigarette in the morning. If you woke up in the morning before The first thing after that is to smoke first, then you can insist on delaying smoking for 15-20 minutes first, and then insist on delaying for one hour before smoking. If you can insist on smoking after one hour in the morning for two days, you can try not to smoke again.

You can also prepare a glass of boiled water beside the bed. When you get addicted to smoking, don’t rush to smoke. You can try drinking a few glasses of water first, and then think about whether you still want to smoke. All in all, it is recommended that smokers smoke a cigarette in the morning. Get used to letting go.

Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.
Smoking is not recommended for 3 time periods.

Session 2 – Smoking after meals

“A cigarette after a meal is better than a living fairy.” Many people who are addicted to smoking have been adhering to this principle of smoking. As soon as they put down their jobs, they light cigarettes on the back. The harm caused by smoking after meals is also very serious. Big, just after eating, the body’s digestion and absorption function is in a relatively strong stage. At this time, smoking may cause the toxin to be quickly absorbed by the body, aggravating the burden of the body’s operation, and may cause serious damage to the body, especially for For those with poor gastrointestinal function, smoking after meals may further increase the burden on gastrointestinal functioning and affect gastrointestinal function.

Suggestion: use other habits instead

Not only smoking in the morning has become a habit, but smoking after meals has also become a habit. It is difficult to change living habits, so you can try to replace them with other good habits. You can try closing your eyes and resting for 20 minutes after a meal, watching TV, playing with mobile phones, protecting the liver and digesting food, making more blood flow to the liver and stomach, and helping to digest food better.

It is also a good choice to drink a cup of tea about 20 minutes after a meal to reduce the desire for cigarettes and develop a good habit to replace the habit of smoking after a meal.

Some people who like to smoke may feel bored in the process of going to the toilet and smoke a cigarette to pass the time, and some people even seem to have formed a specific smoking pattern. Smoking is also a bad habit.

Because the bathroom space in most families is relatively small and in a closed environment, smoking in such a situation may make it difficult for the smoke to circulate through the air and cannot be dissipated for a long time. In addition to expanding the body to directly bear the harm of cigarettes, there are also It may expose other people who enter the bathroom to second-hand smoke. For the sake of health, the habit of smoking in the toilet should be changed.

Extension - to test how addicted you
Extension – to test how addicted you

If you also have the habit of smoking when you go to the toilet and can’t resist smoking, you can read newspapers, play mobile phones when you go to the toilet, or tell yourself that you need to defecate without distractions, and try to shorten the defecation time, so that there is not much time to go to the toilet. Smoking, gradually quit, the desire to smoke will gradually diminish.

2. Extension – to test how addicted you are?

  1. When do you wake up every morning and smoke your first cigarette? Within 5 minutes (3 points); 6 to 30 minutes (2 points); 31 to 60 minutes (1 point); more than 1 hour (0 points)
  2. Is it unbearable because you can’t smoke in public places where smoking is clearly prohibited, such as hospitals and high-speed trains? Yes (1 point); No (0 point)
  3. After quitting smoking, what is the most difficult time to quit smoking? First cigarette after waking up in the morning (1 point); other (0 point)
  4. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Less than 10 (0 points); 11-20 (1 point); 21-30 (2 points); more than 31 (3 points)
  5. Do you smoke more frequently within 1 hour of waking up in the morning than at other times? Yes (1 point); No (0 point)
  6. Do you still smoke after being sick? Yes (1 point); No (0 point) According to the test, a low comprehensive score indicates that the addiction is small and easy to quit, and a higher comprehensive score indicates a greater smoking addiction. 0~2 points, very low; 3~4 points, low; 5 points, moderate; 6~7 points, high; 8~10 points, very high.

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