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Still getting pimples after puberty how to analyze adult acne?

From mild to severe, acne can be divided into: acne, papules, pustules, nodules. Everyone should have a preliminary judgment on the severity of their acne. Today I want to talk about two special and very common types of acne – menstrual acne and adult acne.Still getting pimples after puberty how to analyze adult acne?

What is period acne?

Menstrual acne is mostly related to hormone levels. The reason for acne before menstruation is that after ovulation and before menstruation, the level of progesterone in girls reaches a peak, and the ratio of androgen/estrogen increases, or the level of progesterone is normal, and the level of estrogen decreases, so that the level of androgen is relatively high. . Because androgens can stimulate sebaceous gland hyperplasia and sebum secretion, and can promote the keratinization of pilosebaceous ducts, pores are easily blocked, leading to acne.

Still getting pimples after puberty?  How to analyze adult acne?
Still getting pimples after puberty? How to analyze adult acne?

what can we do?

  1. Hormonal reasons are difficult to change. Menstrual period may be accompanied by anxiety, which will aggravate acne from various angles. Therefore, exercise moderately, ensure adequate sleep, work and rest in a healthy and regular manner, and maintain a good mood as much as possible.
  2. Brush the acid or strengthen the use of acid products before the arrival of the aunt, so that the sebaceous gland duct can be kept unblocked in advance, and the hotbed of the aunt’s acne breakout will be killed.
  3. Properly cleanse the skin. Before my aunt comes, adjust the skin care products to mild and light products with the best oil control effect.
  4. Reduce the intake of dairy products, sweets and fried foods during menstruation. You can replace milk with soy milk to supplement the protein your body needs. Ps: If menstrual acne is very serious, you need to seek medical attention in time. What is adult acne? Some people don’t have acne during puberty, but they get older, and acne starts to appear one after another. This type of acne is generally referred to as late-onset adult acne, also known as “post-adolescent acne”. It is mostly related to environmental changes, stress stimulation, bad living habits, and reversed day and night schedules. Acne often occurs on the chin and the corners of the lips. A nearby U-shaped zone erupted.
How to analyze adult acne?
How to analyze adult acne?

The pathogenesis of adult acne is similar to that of acne, and it is related to fluctuations in androgen levels due to various reasons. In life, some stressful events such as work stress, life pressure, lack of sleep, etc. will also lead to increased androgen levels, and long-term acne will bring mental tension and anxiety, and this chronic mental stress will make the adrenal glands. It secretes more androgens, which makes acne worse.

The sebaceous glands of adults are not as strong as in adolescence, their function has gradually begun to decline, and the skin is also becoming more sensitive, so some skin sensitivity problems will appear while acne is growing.

what can we do?

  1. People with acne are usually oily and combination skin types. To choose skin care products according to your skin type, it is recommended to choose products with the function of repairing the keratin barrier; do not use products containing silicone oil, animal oil, and Vaseline.
  2. It was also mentioned in Aunt’s Acne. If you have acne on your face and still like spicy, high-calorie and irritating food, the acne will only be more serious! The usual diet should be light, eat more fruits, Avoid greasy, spicy food.
  3. A lot of adult acne is caused by 996, staying up late, and excessive stress. Relaxing tension and irritability in daily mood will also cause endocrine disorders. Get enough sleep, nothing can’t be solved by a good night’s sleep! Remarks: The above two types of acne are related to hormones and may also be polycystic ovary syndrome. At this time, it is best to go to the gynecology department to check.

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