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What 5 kinds of vegetables affect health

Introduction: As the saying goes: “Disaster comes from the mouth, disease comes from the mouth”, we sometimes do not pay attention to hygiene details, it is easy to ingest parasites into the body, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and other diseases, as we all know, there are parasites in vegetables , mainly because vegetables need to be fertilized, irrigated and sprayed with pesticides during the growth process, especially vegetables irrigated with human and animal manure, which are easily contaminated by parasites and eggs.What 5 kinds of vegetables affect health

5 kinds of vegetables may affect your health, have you ever eaten them?

1.Water chestnut

The skin of water chestnut is crispy and the meat is beautiful. After cooking, you can peel off the shell and eat it. You can also cook porridge. Water chestnut is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, multivitamins and trace elements. Spring is the season of vigorous liver fire, and many people will eat water chestnut. As a fruit, but we should pay attention to the horseshoe must be washed.

What 5 kinds of vegetables affect health
What 5 kinds of vegetables affect health

If not cleaned properly, parasites can multiply and enter the gut, which can lead to a range of symptoms such as diarrhea, swelling, pain, mental depression, fatigue, and even anemia and body edema.

2.Lotus root

Lotus root has become a favorite food of many people, lotus root is crisp, juicy and rich in flavor, it is one of everyone’s favorite ingredients, it has no nutritional value, and it is very high, whether it is cooking or soup, it is very delicious, for For lotus root, it is easy to breed parasites in muddy lakes for a long time. Blood-sucking insects and ginger slice insects are parasites that grow in water environment.

benefits of eating lotus root
benefits of eating lotus root

Improper cleaning of lotus root can lead to gastrointestinal burden, gastrointestinal damage, gastric ulcer, abdominal pain, diarrhea and indigestion. When making lotus root, the holes of lotus root must be cleaned with water and eaten after being thoroughly cooked. Raw lotus root can cause stomach problems. Intestinal damage.


Cress is a green leafy vegetable that is often eaten in the south. A moderate amount of cress can add nutrients to the body. It contains cellulose and water, which can enhance gastrointestinal motility and promote fecal excretion. Cress also grows in a humid environment. produces a large number of parasites.

If cress grown in a humid environment cannot be boiled with water before eating, it will cause poisoning without directly killing the parasite and entering the body.

3.Broad leaf water bamboo

Water jasmine is a common vegetable with high nutritional value. It contains a variety of amino acids, such as sugar, protein and fiber. Proper consumption of water jasmine can enhance the nutrients needed by the human body. Water jasmine is an aquatic vegetable that is attached to ginger slices. It can survive in the water environment for a long time, and after entering the human body, it will stay in the small intestine and cause damage to the body.

Broad leaf water bamboo
Broad leaf water bamboo


Some people especially like to eat broccoli, in fact, its nutrition is more comprehensive, such as antioxidants, trace elements, protein and dietary fiber.

Eating broccoli at ordinary times can not only resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, but also enhance the body’s immunity, because its appearance is very special, it is not particularly easy to clean, and there are parasites and eggs.

benefits of eating broccoli
benefits of eating broccoli

Therefore, you should wash it repeatedly before eating, you can also apply a layer of starch to the surface and rinse it a few times to bring out the dirt inside.

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