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What are the 10 good habits for improve health

Introduction: Many people think that health preservation is a very troublesome thing, and health preservation will not have an immediate effect. It takes a long time to persevere to show obvious results, so many people gradually give up.What are the 10 good habits for improve health

But in fact, health maintenance is very simple. Knowledge can make a little change in our living habits. Today, will introduce some good health habits to you, or it may be beneficial to your health.

Develop 10 good habits, or help health

【1】Exercise 30 minutes a day

The best time to exercise is in the morning, which can increase the yang qi in the body and improve the immune function of the body.

Exercise depends on the individual’s physique and age, and should not be excessive; it is advisable to choose a small or moderate exercise method, such as walking, jogging, playing Tai Chi, practicing qigong, etc.

30 minutes of daily exercise can prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and other diseases.

【2】Eat only 70% full

If you want to keep healthy, you also need to pay special attention to your diet, because the nutrients and calories needed by the human body are limited. Eating a full meal will not only cause excess nutrition, but also lead to weight gain and obesity.

And with the growth of age, our digestive organs will gradually age, and our digestive ability will weaken. We need to control our diet to reduce the burden on the stomach.

For middle-aged and elderly people, eating every meal until 70% full is not only conducive to promoting digestion and absorption, but also an effective way to stabilize blood lipids and prevent “three highs”.

What are the 10 good habits for improve health
What are the 10 good habits for improve health

[3] Stretching your neck often

Take time every day to gently stretch your neck. Many chronic diseases are caused by tibial junction and nerve damage. Sitting for a long time is most likely to cause such damage.

Keeping your chin as low as possible against your chest and your ears below your shoulders can help prevent or reduce headaches.

【4】Insist on soaking your feet

In traditional medicine, it is believed that the feet are the organs with the most acupoints in the human body, and the body’s immunity can be improved by taking a foot bath.

Soaking your feet for a long time can not only dispel cold and dampness, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, etc., but also play a role in maintaining health and prolonging life, and the effect of white hair turning black.

benefits of soaking feet
benefits of soaking feet

【5】Keep a regular schedule

Going to bed early and getting up early every day and getting enough sleep will make you look younger than your peers, which has been said since ancient times.

Adequate sleep and regular sleep are often subject to necessary conditions. Normal people should ensure 8 hours of normal sleep a day, rest for 30 minutes to an hour in the afternoon, but do not lie down at other times.

[6] Always maintain a good attitude

If you want to keep healthy, then you must always maintain a good attitude in your daily life.

Whether it is in life or at work, always respond with a mentality of “I know, I am lucky; no, I am destined.” You will find that you have underestimated many things before you know it.

how to maintain good attitude
how to maintain good attitude

【7】Drink a glass of warm water before going to bed

After a night of sleep, people are very prone to lack of water, so be sure to drink a glass of warm water before going to bed, which can alleviate the phenomenon of slowing blood flow and increasing blood viscosity at night, and can play a very important role in thrombosis diseases. good preventive effect.

In addition, drinking some warm water in moderation can also dilute the blood to prevent thrombosis. The specific amount of water can be determined according to your own situation, so don’t affect your sleep quality.

【8】Intake of balanced nutrition

Health, diet is an aspect that must be paid attention to. First of all, everyone must take in a balanced nutrition, obtain the seven nutrients needed by the human body from the diet, and formulate a “low-fat, low-calorie” diet plan.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day to supplement vitamins, eat meat with less fat content, and obtain protein from milk. Lactose-free, small-molecule milk is easier for gastrointestinal absorption.

Intake of balanced nutrition
Intake of balanced nutrition

【9】Insist on a half-hour lunch break

Taking a lunch break for half an hour every day can relax the body, improve the state of fatigue, and make up for the lack of sleep caused by insomnia at night.

If you want to keep healthy, you must make sure you get enough sleep.

【10】Quit smoking and drinking

There are many toxic substances and toxic gases in tobacco and alcohol, which not only affect our health, but also affect the breathing environment of others, especially second-hand smoke.

Therefore, it is necessary to quit smoking and drinking in daily life, reduce the inhalation of toxic substances and toxic gases, and reduce the occurrence of lung diseases and bronchitis.

After quitting smoking and drinking, you will find obvious changes in your skin, and at the same time, your lung capacity is gradually increasing, and you will be separated from your sub-healthy body.

Quit smoking and drinking
Quit smoking and drinking

Conclusion: A systematic understanding of health preservation can help to enhance the knowledge of health preservation and ensure the smooth progress of health preservation. Now the importance of maintaining health is self-evident. Only by continuously consolidating and strengthening health preservation knowledge can we adapt to the times and carry out our own needs. Health.

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