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What are the benefits of drinking milk early morning after wake up

Many people in life have the habit of drinking milk every day. People of all ages will drink it. This is because drinking a glass of milk every day can supplement nutrients, especially calcium and protein, which can ensure the health of the body.What are the benefits of drinking milk early morning after wake up

Milk is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed by our body, so what benefits can the body gain by insisting on drinking milk? Let’s find out together.

1.What are the benefits of drinking milk?


The average height of children consuming 250ml of milk per day is 0.4cm taller than the average height of drinking one glass of other plant-based dairy products per day.

What are the benefits of drinking milk?
What are the benefits of drinking milk?


The glutathione content in the brain of people who insist on drinking milk will be much higher than that of other people. Glutathione can reduce some oxidative damage generated during the operation of the brain, and it is also good for brain health.


Compared with people who do not drink milk, people who insist on drinking milk every day can reduce the risk of depression by one-third. Regular consumption of yogurt can reduce the activity of brain regions related to mood and pain.


Drinking milk can supplement calcium for the body and strengthen bones. From the perspective of calcium supplementation, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in milk is appropriate, and it also contains vitamin D, lactose, amino acids and other ingredients that promote calcium absorption.

What are the benefits of drinking milk?
What are the benefits of drinking milk?

2.Why are women not advised to drink milk every day? The doctor tells you the answer

Traditional medicine believes that milk is benign, and drinking milk may affect the yang qi in the body. If women have problems with body cold and physical weakness, often drinking cold milk may lead to damage to the yang qi in the body, which is not conducive to Health.

Medicine also emphasizes that women should not drink milk during their menstrual period, because drinking too much cold milk may aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, which is not good for women’s health, so it is not recommended for women to drink milk every day.

From a scientific point of view, the only people who are not suitable for drinking milk are those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. Some people lack the enzymes that metabolize lactose in their bodies, and they are prone to nausea, vomiting, eczema, etc. after drinking milk or drinking milk on an empty stomach. question.

Why are women not advised to drink milk every day?
Why are women not advised to drink milk every day?

People with lactose intolerance are not recommended to drink ordinary pure milk. They can choose to drink low-lactose milk or yogurt to reduce the risk of direct intake of lactose.

3.Learn 4 ways to drink milk with confidence

Supplementation with lactase or probiotics

If you have lactose intolerance, it is due to the lack of lactase or the low activity of lactase in the body. You can supplement the body with lactase probiotics, which can produce lactase and various digestive enzymes.

It can reduce the content of lactose, and can also hydrolyze the remaining lactose in the human body to relieve diarrhea and abdominal distension caused by lactose, so it is advisable to add lactase or probiotics.

drink milk with confidence
drink milk with confidence

Drink a small amount often

When drinking milk, you can start with a small amount, for example, drink 50 ml first, let the gastrointestinal tract in the body adapt slowly, and then gradually increase the amount of lactase in the body. If you find that you feel uncomfortable drinking a carton of milk, you can divide it into two. Drink once or three times.

Drink with other food

Patients with lactose intolerance should not drink milk on an empty stomach. The high concentration of lactose absorption may cause discomfort to the stomach. At this time, it can be eaten with some cereals or other foods to dilute the concentration of lactose.

Switch to low-lactose or lactose-free milk

Compared with whole milk, Shuhua milk uses lactose hydrolysis technology, which can decompose lactose into galactose and glucose without destroying nutrition. It is very suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, but the taste may not be pure milk. So fragrant.

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