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What are the benefits of running 5 kilometers daily for a year

Today is an era of national sports. Many people realize the importance of sports to health, so they start to work hard for themselves to have a healthy body.What are the benefits of running 5 kilometers daily for a year

 What are the benefits of running 5 kilometers daily for a year
What are the benefits of running 5 kilometers daily for a year

1.If you insist on running 5 kilometers every night, what will you have in a year?

1.Sleep quality is improved

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and people’s pressure is also increasing. Many people have the phenomenon of leaving early and returning late, which destroys their biological clocks.

Under the double pressure of work and life, the pressure on oneself is multiplied, so there are situations such as difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep quality or easy nightmares.

If you don’t have a good sense of rest, you may keep your body still in fatigue, resulting in a lack of energy on the second day and unable to devote yourself to work.

After you run 5 kilometers at night every day, you will gradually release the pressure from your body to your body and make your sleep quality better day by day.

Sleep quality is improved
Sleep quality is improved

2.Liver condition improved

In today’s living conditions getting better and better, many people indulge in various delicacies every day, resulting in their own fatty liver.

If you don’t pay attention to your diet during this period, it may lead to the inability to metabolize and excrete fat, which will make the burden on the liver heavier and worse, making your fatty liver more and more serious.

When you run for 5 kilometers at night, our body will consume a lot of fat, and it will also reduce the fat content of part of the liver, thus reducing the burden on the liver.

Your liver is getting healthier and better. As long as you keep running, your liver will get better and better.

Liver condition improved
Liver condition improved

3.Personal charisma

No matter what age group you are in, as long as you keep running, your face will become smaller and smaller, your body proportions will get better and better, your muscles will be more attractive and linear, which will greatly increase your charm.

4.release stress

For all people with a lot of work pressure, running can release their inner depression and anxiety, let your body be released during the running process, and the easiest way to decompress.

release stress
release stress

2.What do you need to pay attention to when running at night?

1.Don’t eat too much dinner, try to choose one hour after meals before exercising.

2.If you run at night in winter, prepare a hat and gloves to avoid catching a cold.

3.Don’t run on the motor vehicle lane, try to choose the sidewalk, pay attention to passing vehicles and steps. Go for a run in the park or gym if you can.

4.It is recommended to choose a route with public lighting. When running at night, choose a familiar environment, street and route. Wear brightly colored and reflective clothes to increase visibility, improve safety, and avoid accidents.

5.Wear a special running jacket, which is windproof and breathable. Bring your cell phone with you to keep in touch with your family.

6.Before running, it is recommended to do warm-up activities, stretch the leg muscles, and wait for the heart rate to rise a little before starting to run. In winter, you can drink a little hot water before running to help raise your body temperature and not feel so cold.

7.It is best for women to avoid running alone at night, and it is best to have friends to run together. If you meet a stranger when you are running alone, simply refuse.

What are the adverse effects of excessive night running on the body
What are the adverse effects of excessive night running on the body

3.What are the adverse effects of excessive night running on the body?

1.Easy to catch cold

No matter what season you run at night, the temperature is slightly lower than during the day, so you must pay attention to adding or removing clothes. If you don’t control the amount of clothes, it may cause cold body invasion due to the cold weather, increasing the chance of catching a cold.

2.More security risks

When night comes, the light may become lower and darker, accompanied by the appearance of many unsafe factors, which can easily obstruct the runner’s vision, which may occur in the collision of others or vehicles, resulting in accidents.

3.Joint damage

If a person does not exercise at ordinary times, he may endanger his own joints after a lot of exercise. It may be because after this

large amount of exercise, your osteoporosis and joint diseases can be effectively developed.

Therefore, when exercising, you must pay attention to everything, and you must proceed step by step. Not only will the body have a process of adaptation, but it will also allow you to have an adaptation process, and will also allow the body to have a healthy physique.

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