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What are the low-fat and delicious convenience foods during weight loss

What are the low-fat and delicious convenience foods during weight loss? How to do it?

1.Okra mashed potatoes

, potatoes are a low-fat food, easy to eat, and have a laxative effect. Suitable for consumption during weight loss. This delicacy made of okra is of high value, non-greasy, and nutritious, and can be eaten as a staple food. Wash the potatoes, cut them into pieces, and put them in a steamer. After steaming, peel the skin, put it in a large bowl, mash it with a spoon, or mash it in a food processor. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, and chicken juice to the mashed potatoes, mix well, and set aside. What are the low-fat and delicious convenience foods during weight loss

Wash the okra, blanch it in salted boiling water, chop it up, remove it, cut it into small pieces with cold water, and put the okra in a small bowl. Put the mashed potatoes in, press the china with a spoon, then pour on a plate and serve. If the taste is heavy, you can pour some soy sauce and water hook sauce on the finished product.

what are the benefits of eating ladyfinger
what are the benefits of eating ladyfinger

2.Purple potato

purple potato is steamed and eaten directly. Food that can be eaten for breakfast or when you are hungry. Its fat content is particularly low, and it has a hint of sweetness, so it not only ensures the taste, but also does not gain weight after eating.

Purple potato puree. Just peel the steamed purple potato, crush it into a puree, then sprinkle some black pepper, add some fresh vegetables, and knead it into a small ball to eat. Purple Potato Oatmeal. Steam the purple potato and press it into a puree, then add oats, nuts, chopped preserved fruit, and milk, and mix and stir. Nuts must be put in less, two or three chopped and put in.

sweet potato
sweet potato

3.Chicken breast

Bean sprouts mixed with chicken breast, ingredients: a piece of chicken breast, 1 yuan of bean sprouts, appropriate amount of carrot, appropriate amount of cucumber, 1 piece of coriander, 3 cloves of garlic, and 2 pieces of spicy millet.

chicken breast
chicken breast

Two tablespoons of soy sauce, two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of chili oil, a little sugar and salt. Shred carrots and cucumbers, wash bean sprouts, cook chicken breast and shred for later use, shred spicy millet, cilantro, chop garlic into minced garlic, boil water in a pot, add carrots and cook for one minute, then add bean sprouts and cook for two minutes , Take out a large bowl, add bean sprouts, carrots, shredded cucumber, shredded chicken breast, and then add coriander chili noodles, minced garlic, millet spicy sauce, vinegar, pepper oil, salt, and sugar.

4.Buckwheat chicken rolls

Buckwheat chicken rolls, pour an appropriate amount of buckwheat flour into a large bowl, add a little flour, stir well, add water in batches, stir into a flocculent shape, knead into a smooth dough, cover and rest for half an hour. Wash the chicken breast, cut it into small strips, add salt, soy sauce, pepper, starch, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes. Side dishes can be carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, egg peels, shredded onions, etc.

Chicken breast can also be replaced with shrimp. After the dough has risen, take it out and roll it into a long strip and divide it into small doses. Each dose is flattened and rolled into thin slices, then baked in the pan. No need to refuel. Add a little oil to the pan, add the chicken breast, fry until discolored and then remove. Finally, add chicken breast, cucumber strips and other side dishes to the cake, roll it up and serve.

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