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What are the most common mistakes in weight loss

On the road of weight loss, in addition to milk tea, desserts, cola and other food stumbling blocks, there are many popular “weight loss methods” on the Internet, which not only do not help weight loss, but also damage physical health.What are the most common mistakes in weight loss?

Based on my countless failed weight loss experiences, the editor summarizes the points that need to be paid attention to in terms of eating and drinking, as well as seven weight loss misunderstandings that you may have, hoping to help you lose weight successfully.

You can lose weight by dieting.

What are the most common mistakes in weight loss
What are the most common mistakes in weight loss

This is the most important point, and it’s a cliché. Don’t think that if you skip breakfast or dinner, you will be hungry and thin. With the method of dieting, after a long time, you will not lose the scale, especially the sisters who exercise, which will seriously affect your basal metabolism.

Fruits are the staple food.

Often we feel that the fructose content in those delicious fruits is very high. Fructose is a monosaccharide and will be more easily absorbed by our body. If you eat fruit as a main meal, not only will you not lose weight, but it will promote obesity. And fruits should be low in sugar and high in dietary fiber.

3: Drink flavored yogurt.

If you want to drink yogurt, you can drink sugar-free or zero sucrose added. In the ingredient list of flavored yogurt, the second and third place in it will definitely be white sugar or various syrups. Many people are already full after a meal, so drink another one. Yogurt aids digestion, but invisibly adds hundreds of calories.

You can’t eat meat to lose weight.

 You can't eat meat to lose weight.
You can’t eat meat to lose weight.

To lose weight, make sure you have high-quality protein in every meal. Protein can repair body tissues in time, which is the guarantee of muscle mass. Eating more protein can also improve basal metabolic rate and delay hunger. Several large-scale studies have shown that daily protein intake is relatively high. More people have less belly fat.

Choose meat with as little fat as possible. Don’t eat too much shrimp, fish, chicken breast, and beef, and don’t eat chicken skin, chicken feet, elbows, and snowflakes that are too high in fat.

You can’t eat staple food to lose weight

Losing weight by not eating carbohydrates will seriously affect the endocrine system, causing hair loss, skin deterioration, and menstrual disorders.

Eating too much of the staple food is indeed easy to gain weight, but it cannot be completely eliminated. A better approach is to control the quantity of staple foods, eat less polished rice and white noodles, and improve the quality of staple foods. You can use whole grains, whole grains, and cereals to replace part of white rice and flour

Eat boiled vegetables every day.

 Eat boiled vegetables every day.
Eat boiled vegetables every day.

You can’t eat boiled vegetables all your life. You can eat normal home-cooked dishes, with less oil and less salt, and replacing sugar. There is no problem in controlling the amount.

Blind use of weight loss products.

Some people hope to lose weight quickly through detox products and meal replacement products, but it is not advisable. At present, most of the so-called detox products on the market are stimulant laxatives, which stimulate the intestinal tract and accelerate its peristalsis, so that the intestinal contents can be quickly excreted out of the body. Repeated diarrhea under this kind of stimulation will leave troubles to intestinal health, and if used for a long time, it will cause serious harm to the body and be counterproductive.

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