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What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?

Not only that, but the “potholes” left on her face after the acne subsided also made her afraid to take off her mask when she went out. This problem has troubled her for a long time, and it was not until she found a dermatologist that she knew the real reason why she couldn’t fight “acne” successfully – she didn’t use the right skin care products for her skin type, and she didn’t find the right skin care method for her.What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?

What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?
What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?

1. What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?

Acne, also known as pimples, which is often referred to as “pimples”, is a common skin disease that is generally more common in teenagers, but there is no specific age limit.

“However, the location of acne will gradually move down with age, from the forehead to the cheek, chin, and then to the jawline and other parts.” deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, The Third Affiliated Hospital of added that acne It is mainly caused by the combined action of internal and external factors.

Most of them suffer from endocrine-related diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome; they are in adolescence of growth and development, and their male hormones are high;

external cause
Usually eat fried, spicy and other foods that are easy to get angry; Irregular life and rest, staying up late; after using makeup, I did not clean the skin reasonably, or did not choose skin care products suitable for my skin type, resulting in clogged pores, thus cause inflammation.

What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?
What are the reasons for the recurrence of acne?

“Therefore, a light diet and regular work and rest are very important. Try to avoid fried and spicy diets, and do not drink or stay up late.” said, “Maintaining exercise and regulating a good mood are also ways to prevent acne.”

Second, how to get rid of acne marks? First, distinguish the types of acne scars
But what if you inevitably get acne, or even leave a scar?

that the types of acne marks are generally divided into red acne marks, black acne marks, sunken acne marks and hyperplastic acne marks, and “prescribe the right medicine” for different types of acne marks.

To get rid of red acne marks, you can apply some anti-inflammatory ointments, use skin care products that have the effect of removing red acne marks, and perform phototherapy such as photorejuvenation.

In the case of black acne marks, it is recommended to use some skin care products that have the effect of lightening melanin, and the removal effect will be more obvious.

Depressed acne marks, that is, “acne pits”, generally require a combination of gold microneedling, dermabrasion, fractional laser and subcutaneous separation.

If it is an acne patient with a scar constitution, when hypertrophic acne marks appear, recommends going to the hospital for a face-to-face consultation before deciding which treatment method is more appropriate.

how to remove acne or pimple from my face
how to remove acne or pimple from my face

3. Brush acid and vitamins are “magic medicines”?

Misunderstanding 1: Once “acne” occurs, extensive use of skin care products or “acid brushing”

“Some people feel that their skin is prone to oily and acne-prone skin, and they use a lot of oil-removing facial cleansers, skin care products, or ‘sour brushing’, but the results are counterproductive.” shared that he often encountered problems in outpatient clinics. The case of “cleaning the skin is important, but the method must be used correctly.”

In medicine, acid brushing refers to a chemical peeling technique in which a higher concentration of acidic solutions (fruit acid, salicylic acid, tretinoin, etc.) It is suitable for mild to moderate acne, chloasma, hyperpigmentation, skin aging, etc. It needs to be operated by a professional doctor in the hospital.

She pointed out that many people now choose to use acid-containing skin care products at home by themselves, causing facial redness and even peeling “rotten face” problems from time to time, mainly due to improper dosage and operation. “The establishment of acid resistance varies from person to person. If the frequency, time and concentration are not well mastered, it is easy to cause damage and destruction of the stratum corneum, so be careful.”

how to remove acne from my face
how to remove acne from my face

Misunderstanding 2: “morning C and evening A” is the “master key” of skin care

Morning C and evening A refers to the use of skin care products containing vitamin C ingredients (including prototype VC and VC derivatives) in the morning, which have antioxidant and whitening effects; the use of vitamin A ingredients (including A alcohol, A aldehyde) in the evening , A ester) skin care products, have the role of keratin regulation. When used in combination, both brighten the skin and make it look better and younger.

“Given a rough understanding of this concept, many people think that as long as they follow the “morning C night A” method of skin care, most skin problems can be prevented or solved, but this is not the case. specifically mentioned, “If you want to treat mild acne, “morning C and evening A” can help to improve to a certain extent, but if it is moderate to severe acne, it needs to be combined with oral drugs according to the guidelines. “

how to remove acne from my face
how to remove acne from my face

She believes that from the perspective of protecting and repairing the skin, unless these skin care products containing vitamin C and vitamin A ingredients have a repairing effect, they may not cover all skin problems alone. Therefore, you need to pay attention to using them. frequency and with other skin care products.

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