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What are the seven signs of a woman’s body that indicate ovulation is coming

Many women who want to get pregnant are not sure about their ovulation period, or ovulate irregularly every month. They often use test strips to test, which is very inconvenient. Female friends know that the chances of conception during ovulation are very high. Knowing your ovulation date will help you get pregnant better. Women who are not sure of their ovulation period can also use some signals to observe whether they have entered the ovulation period.What are the seven signs of a woman’s body that indicate ovulation is coming

The following signals are the performance of women who are ovulating. Couples who are trying to conceive should seize the opportunity.

  1. Increased body temperature
    Women who are ovulating will experience a rise in body temperature, and they will feel that their body temperature is higher than usual, but they will not be overheated to the point of being sick.
    Women should pay attention to observation. If they feel a little hotter than usual during the period when they may ovulate, it may be the ovulation period.
    Or put a thermometer at home, check your body temperature from time to time, and preliminarily judge your ovulation period based on temperature changes.
What are the seven signs of a woman's body that indicate ovulation is coming
What are the seven signs of a woman’s body that indicate ovulation is coming

2, do not like to eat

  1. Increased libido
    During ovulation, a woman’s libido will increase, manifesting more than usual desires and needs, and a sexual call. Because of the influence of endocrine hormones in the body, women are more lustful during this period, as if the body is signaling itself to be ready for pregnancy.
What are the seven signs of a woman's body that indicate ovulation is coming
What are the seven signs of a woman’s body that indicate ovulation is coming

4, energetic
Women are also more energetic than usual during ovulation. Show more energy, excitement, and strength. If you have these emotional states, it is likely that the female ovulation period has arrived, and the hormones secreted by the body will make the spirit more exciting. If a woman suddenly feels energetic within a certain period of time, it is likely that the woman is ovulating, and she wants to take the opportunity to get pregnant.

  1. Lower abdomen bulge
    Ovulation is characterized by the fact that the egg leaves the follicle and is secreted into the woman’s body. In this process, although the follicles will not cause damage to the lower abdomen. However, after the egg is secreted, a kind of fluid will flow back, and this process will bring a feeling of bloating in the lower abdomen.
Lower abdomen bulge
Lower abdomen bulge
  1. Leucorrhea increases
    Women may experience increased vaginal discharge during ovulation. There are signals such as leucorrhea. If you usually pay attention to hygiene, it may be the ovulation period. In order to suppress bacteria in the body, women spontaneously secrete more leucorrhea.
  2. Y Lubrication
    Another feature of ovulation is the lubrication of the Y channel. Due to the adjustment of secretions and hormones, the Y channel is more lubricated than usual. This is also a feature of the ovulation period. Women can pay attention to themselves and determine whether they have entered the ovulation period.
    The above-mentioned common signals during ovulation, although not obvious representatives of ovulation, are crucial for judging whether a woman has entered ovulation. With these symptoms, if a woman wants to get pregnant, she can “marry life” during these time periods. If you want to accurately judge whether a woman has entered the ovulation period, you can also test it by means of test strips, so as to avoid misjudgment caused by physical reasons.

What should women pay attention to when they conceive during ovulation?

  1. Pay attention to the health of private parts
    Women get pregnant through the effective combination of sperm and eggs. During this time, attention should be paid to the health of private parts and the health of women’s internal pregnancy environment. To avoid the spread of various bacteria and toxins, it depends on the common health maintenance of the husband and himself. In addition, to have a good pregnancy-preparation constitution, it is best to do pregnancy-preparation checks in advance for the health of the uterus, so as not to be unqualified and affect fertility.
  2. Pay attention to your diet
    Women who want to become pregnant should carry out “marital life” during the ovulation period, and also pay attention to dietary conditioning to accelerate conception with a stronger and healthier physical condition. For example, eat a bland diet, eat less cold, stimulating, and create a mild environment for the body. You can add more nutrients, such as fish, protein, red dates, black beans and other substances, and tonic in the appropriate amount at the appropriate time. Three meals a day, healthy breakfast, good living habits, regular work and rest, pay attention to home environment hygiene.
  3. Keep a happy mood
    During the period of ovulation, even if the “marital life” is carried out, it is not necessarily pregnant. During this period, women should maintain a happy mood. Don’t have a series of negative emotions such as anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. A happy mood will help egg health and improve pregnancy efficiency.
    Pregnancy should be counted as the ovulation period, because during the ovulation period, the probability of pregnancy is much higher than usual. However, many women do not know their ovulation period, and the ovulation period is irregular. You can judge by the above-mentioned signals. When women enter the ovulation period, they must seize the “opportunity” and get pregnant as soon as possible.

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