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What causes people-pleasing

We will meet a lot of people in our life, but there are “thousands of people with thousands of faces”, and there will always be people who are not right with us.What causes people-pleasing

Or the three views are different, or the words are not speculative, either we hate others, or others hate us.

Everyone’s personality is different, and we don’t need to please or flatter others, nor do we need to be thorns everywhere and be evil with others.

It is very important to have a big picture about being a human being.

Only by opening the pattern can we look down on all things in the world, and let us relax a lot without caring about the graces and grievances of others.

1.A person with a big pattern can do almost everything with smooth sailing.

Because an open mind trumps everything, and a person with a big pattern is not only respected by others, but also keeps the mood comfortable and makes things go more smoothly.

People with a big pattern usually look good on everyone. They usually don’t care too much, and they don’t just put their eyes on the cowardice of the person in front of them.

Often times, it’s not that the character we hate is really a problem, it’s that we don’t have the patience to get to know him.

That’s why they blindly came to a conclusion in a short period of time, but people with a big pattern don’t do this. They are more tolerant of others.

 What causes people-pleasing
What causes people-pleasing

2.Respect and understanding are the wisdom of life

Everyone wants to be respected by others, but not everyone deserves respect from others. To be respected by others, the first thing to do is to respect others.

Everyone has their own personality and habits, and we don’t need to exclude or look down on those who are not in harmony with us.

Respect for others is the foundation of intercourse with others.

People with a big pattern are often better able to understand the difficulties of others. Sometimes, the various behaviors of others that we can’t understand are actually for a reason.

Even if we don’t like this person’s behavior, we can’t despise or ridicule others, because our own behavior is not acceptable to everyone.

Since others do not look down on us, we should also respect others and understand them.

Respect and understanding are the wisdom of life
Respect and understanding are the wisdom of life

3.Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue

A person with a big pattern has a broad mind, and it will make people feel very comfortable to be with a person with a big pattern, such as sitting in the spring breeze.

This comfort, from the heart, is like a kind of enjoyment.

Just imagine, how would you feel if you were with someone who was tit for tat with you, and who looked at you unpleasantly everywhere?

It must be like sitting on pins and needles, and the original happy mood will be swept away.

Opening the pattern can have a lot of help in our life.

People with a big pattern are usually very popular, and they exist like stars holding the moon.

Because such a person usually has a strong affinity, almost everyone likes him, so in his career, such a person can also be helped by many people around him.

If you want to open up the pattern, you must have an inclusive heart, which includes tolerating the faults of others and congratulating others on their brilliance.

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue
Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue

For people who are stronger than yourself, don’t have a jealous heart, but learn to appreciate them, so that you can calm down and face up to your own problems, make up for your shortcomings, and make yourself stronger.

And don’t treat people who are weaker than you with contempt.

“When everyone is proud”, everyone will have a glorious time, and they will not know that the sky is high and the earth is arrogant, and looking down on others for no reason will only affect their own future.

Tolerance is a kind of wisdom, and people with patterns shine because of tolerance.

4.Be kind to others, to be comfortable

In life, it is inevitable that you will hate so many people, but people who really have a pattern are pleasing to everyone.

People with a big pattern know how to be kind to others, which is also a good thing for themselves.

Smart people know how to look and put their eyes on themselves rather than others. Therefore, such people are pleasing to everyone, and everything is pleasing to their hearts, and naturally they live well.

Open our pattern, be kind to others, and not be evil with others, in order to live comfortably and live smoothly.

Be kind to others, to be comfortable
Be kind to others, to be comfortable

Once people don’t look good to others, it is easy to affect their own mood, and it is easy to be resented by others.

Thus let the mood affect the career or be stumped by others, such people cannot live their own lives well.

Don’t care about other people’s flaws and deficiencies, treat everyone equally, and you can make your life easier.

As the so-called “people’s hearts are different, each has its own face”.

Everyone is unique in this world, born equal, don’t be hostile to others, open up your own pattern, and be kind to others, in order to live a better life.

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