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What causes yellow skin

First of all, we need to clarify that the skin problems of our Chinese people are often yellowish-black, that is, the skin tone is dull and yellowish with blackness. The whitening that many people think of is to fight against melanin, such as inhibiting melanin synthesis and transport. Wait for a series of processes.What causes yellow skin

What cause the yellow skin
What cause the yellow skin

This is indeed the conventional idea of whitening, but for friends with yellow and dark skin, especially those with sallow skin, whitening alone is not enough, because many people’s skin does not look fair enough or dull. , In fact, it is not only the influence of melanin, but also related to the propagation path of light in our skin.

Our stratum corneum reflects part of the light, and the epidermis and dermis also refract part of the light, which is the final optical state of our skin.

Among them, the reflection of the stratum corneum is related to the order of its keratinocytes, the hydration state of the skin, and the degree of aging of the stratum corneum. The refraction of the epidermis is related to the content of melanin, and the dermis is related to the content of heme.

With this interpretation of the optical path of the skin, we can understand the following reasons and types of dull skin.

1. Stay up late with dull complexion

Stay up late with dull complexion
Stay up late with dull complexion

There are blood vessels in the dermis layer of the skin. If you often stay up late and lack sleep, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation in the face and blood retention in the microvessels, which will make the subcutaneous light refracted in the dermis layer less, which will show dull skin and dark circles under the eyes.

2. The stratum corneum is too thick

If the stratum corneum is too thick and the metabolism of keratinocytes is too slow, it is easy to cause excessive accumulation of keratinocytes, keratinization embolism and cell aging, which will affect the specular reflection of the stratum corneum, thus causing the skin to look dull.

3. Skin glycation reaction

When there is too much sugar in the body, it is easy to have a glycation reaction with the protein of the skin, which is also called the Maillard reaction, and then produces the advanced glycation product AGEs.

AGEs can not only cross-link the collagen of the skin, causing skin aging, but also make the epidermis of the skin appear dark yellow. This process is similar to the process of making braised pork, which becomes caramel-colored when sugar is added.

4. UV radiation

The last one is UV irradiation, which activates melanocytes and generates more melanin deposits in the epidermis and stratum corneum of the skin, and some even produce pigmentation to form pigmentation spots.

UV radiation
UV radiation

This kind of skin generally presents a state of black and yellow, mainly because of the precipitation of melanin.

If you know the main reason for your yellow skin, you can “prescribe the right medicine” to improve the dull complexion and make the skin appear healthy and natural.

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