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What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?

When it comes to beards, male friends are no strangers. Long beards indicate that they have begun to mature, and beards are an important sign of a man. Some women also have fluffy hairs around their lips, like a mustache, which indicates that the body’s androgen secretion is relatively strong.What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?

In the past, people would have very thick beards to protect themselves and scare away hunters. Now there are many male friends who have beards. This kind of person gives people a very scary feeling and makes people afraid to approach them. Growing a beard is actually good for keeping you warm in winter.

Now this era has become an era of looking at the face, and the beard has become a burden for men. Shave the beard every day, so that you can look clean, but some men are very troubled. The beard shaved on the first day will grow back on the second day. , but not all men do. What does the beard growing fast indicate? If you want to know the answer, let’s find out together.

What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?
What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?

1. I just shaved my beard in the morning, but it grew back the next day. The beard grows too fast. What’s going on?

A. Genetic related

If the beard grows particularly fast and genetic factors, you can observe whether the father has a thick beard, and the beard grows fast, if the father is, it is genetic.

B. Living environment

The living environment also affects the growth rate of the beard. If you live in a place close to the factory, there will inevitably be chemical substances in the air, which can promote the growth of hair and make the hair more vigorous.

If the hair grows fast because of this reason, I still hope to change to a better living environment. Living in this environment for a long time is likely to increase the risk of other diseases. Living near a factory with harmful substances will cause the human body to enter these harmful substances. For health reasons, improvements must be made.

What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?
What does the rapid growth of the beard mean?

C. Kidney health

If a boy’s hair is very strong and the beard grows very fast, it means that his androgen secretion is relatively strong, and it also reflects that the kidneys are relatively healthy. Such people have good energy and physical strength.

D. caused by drugs

If a person’s beard grows very fast, it may also be caused by drugs. Nowadays, the pace of life in this society is very fast. Under pressure for a long time, many people’s bodies are in a sub-healthy state. For men, they may take other health care products to maintain their bodies. Some drugs contain androgen, which can easily lead to beards. Fast growth.

Although health products are good for the body, if they are taken for a long time, the endocrine of the body will be affected. Apart from making the beard grow faster, it is also not good for the body. After all, it is a three-point poison.

how to shave my beard
how to shave my beard

E. Often stay up late

After a day’s work, only the night time is a stimulus, which makes many people develop the habit of staying up late. Staying up late for a long time will not only make the body grow faster, but also increase the burden on the organs, and are prone to diseases. For men, it is often Staying up late is also one of the reasons for the rapid growth of beards.

When staying up late, the endocrine of the body is in chaos. In order to maintain the normal operation of the body, it will secrete male hormones. When the male hormones increase, the growth rate of the beard will be faster.

2. 3 kinds of behaviors of male “consumption of yang”, it is best not to do it again

A. Stay up late and insomnia

Staying up late will cause endocrine disorders, which will damage the organs in the human body, especially the important organs such as liver and kidney. When these organs are threatened, it will lead to lack .which will not be replenished for a long time. Therefore, those who often stay up late and have irregular work and rest Almost all men will have symptoms of insufficient and everyone should try to avoid them and take precautions.

how to shave my beard
how to shave my beard

B. Take a cold shower

In life, there are many male friends who feel that they are in good physical condition and like to take cool baths, even in winter, they feel that it is not a big problem, but it is not. This will not only have a direct impact on the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, but also greatly Accelerating the loss of energy in the human body will bring about a series of symptoms.

C. Smoking and drinking

Male friends may socialize more, smoking and drinking are more commonplace, but the harmful ingredients such as nicotine in cigarettes will directly damage the alveoli and reduce lung function. Alcohol in wine can also damage the kidneys, and alcohol has a strong irritant. The higher the degree, the stronger the irritant to the stomach, damage the gastric mucosa, and increase the chance of suffering from various diseases.

Conclusion: Look at the friends in front of the screen, do you understand this matter after reading it? If you have other ideas, please leave a message

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