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What food should i eat to improve immunity

Strong immunity from small to large, so rarely get sick, if immunity is low, often by some viruses, bacteria violations.What food should i eat to improve immunity

So that the immune system is the body’s safest and most effective drugs, then what is the immunity it? Take a look.

1.What is immunity?

Immunity particularly strong, he can by distinguishing “self” and “non-self”, the cell senescence and apoptosis and invasion of pathogenic microorganisms in vivo mutant cells have been considered non-material, and of dangerous substances to identify and remove aircraft in order to maintain the ability of the body’s physiological balance.

Immune responses are generally divided into fixed and adaptive immunity, are not immune to biological growth formed evolution, is the first line of defense against the invading pathogens.

Not innate immune clearance of pathogens, antigens into the peripheral lymphoid organs and tissues is mediated lymphocyte recognition, guide the adaptive immune response innate and adaptive immunity, worked together to perform immune function.

What food should i eat to improve immunity
What food should i eat to improve immunity

Immune system which has three major functions, immune defense, immune surveillance and immune homeostasis, immune defense, immune surveillance of pathogenic organisms capable of preventing infection of the outer, clear cell and the replication error mutant cells.

Immunological homeostasis which can damage or eliminate senescent cells, causes autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, pathologic time.

Conversely, if when the body’s immune system decline, it is easy to let the human respiratory tract infection occurs, it will reduce the monitoring of tumor cells, resulting in continuous growth of tumor cells.

2.Immunity is the most effective medicine! During the “epidemic” period, what to eat to improve immunity?

It is the body’s immunity among the most effective drugs, as long as it is strong enough, or the body of the virus outside of it all matter will be cleared from the body.

From the perspective of the diet is concerned, immunity is closely associated with nutrients, protein vitamin a vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc, selenium and so on, we can supplement the body nutrition through Sibu ways to improve their resistance.

Foods containing high quality protein

Like milk, beans and soy products daily lives of very many of them contain high-quality protein, like milk protein content of which is about 3%, the digestibility of over 90%, but inside it contains many nutrients, like lithium iron magnesium, potassium, minerals, etc., the daily intake of 300 grams of milk increase the body immunity is very helpful.

Lives our common beans, green beans, black beans and soy beans and so on, but also rich in quality protein a day intake of 30 to 50 grams of soy helps to improve their immunity.

What food should i eat to improve immunity
What food should i eat to improve immunity

Supplement rich in vitamin A, E, C foods

Vitamin a food, animal liver, including goat liver, liver, chicken liver, duck liver and so on vitamin E-containing vegetable oils, nuts, plants have germ, beans, grains and so on.

Foods rich in vitamin C, there are green peppers, spinach, hawthorn, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, etc. To supplement the body with fresh vitamin C, we recommended to eat fruits and vegetables every day, somewhere between 300 to 500 grams.

Over time, you will find that your resistance is growing, it will not be struck down by any of bacteria and viruses.

What food should i eat to improve immunity
What food should i eat to improve immunity

Moderate consumption of rich in iron, zinc, selenium food

Let’s common animal blood, liver, red meat and so on iron shellfish, seafood, red meat, organ meats, etc. which contain foods rich in zinc can also be appropriate to take.

Want to improve their immunity, then eat these foods right in life, so that my resistance is growing, so that all the virus can not invade our bodies, so that we have a healthy body.

how to improve immunity at home
how to improve immunity at home

3.The following are several ways also help to improve their immunity

Physical exercise

Want to own a healthy physique, have a good resistance, it is closely linked with movement, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, to be able to make the body’s blood circulation, rapid discharge of toxins and waste, so you have a good internal environment.

Maintain adequate sleep

Immediately so they have a good immune system, it is necessary so that they have enough sleep at night is our body releases large amounts of nutrients, will increase the hormone levels.

Regular will let you stay up all night sleep quality decreased, reduced immunity, so that to maintain a good quality of sleep, for their immunity is is very beneficial.

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