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What food should i eat to nourish the stomach

What foods are good for stomach repair?

Enjoying a meal is one of life’s great pleasures, but the digestive process that follows it can be complicated for the stomach.

The stomach is the most important digestive organ of the human body, which can be used to store food. The stomach is a hollow sac-like structure, like a large container, which can store the food eaten in it, as well as water and medicine.

What food should i eat to nourish the stomach
What food should i eat to nourish the stomach

The importance of the stomach to the human body is relatively strong. If the stomach is damaged, it may cause abdominal pain or bloating, and also cause nausea and vomiting. For a long time, the nutritional absorption disorder has caused low immunity and resistance of the body, and even caused the body to become overwhelmed. Getting thinner and thinner will endanger your health.

Due to various reasons, many people suffer from different degrees of stomach problems. If you want to maintain your stomach, you must first adjust the diet structure, eat more foods that have a stomach-nourishing effect, and stay away from unhealthy foods.

1.What happens to the body of a person with a bad stomach?

1.Sallow complexion

By observing a person’s complexion, you can see whether a person’s stomach is healthy. If there is a dull complexion, yellowing, etc., it may be caused by damp-heat in the spleen and stomach.

1.What happens to the body of a person with a bad stomach?
1.What happens to the body of a person with a bad stomach?

Because the food eaten cannot nourish the internal organs well, the blood supply will be greatly reduced, and the face will appear red. This situation is best not to be ignored.


If a person has problems with the stomach, then the digestion power of the stomach is insufficient. When sleeping, the stomach has to work overtime and continue to work in order to empty the “stock”. The continuous operation of the stomach will affect the nerves. Constantly, and more seriously, sleep intermittently.

3.bumpy nails

Nails are uneven, and they are often seen in depressions caused by trauma. It may also be due to the patient’s recent bad stomach, resulting in slow growth of the nails.

4.bloating after meals

Upper abdominal discomfort is a common initial symptom of stomach cancer. It is mainly manifested as a feeling of fullness after eating. Even after eating only a small amount of food, you will feel abnormally full.

Often recurring, but not long-lasting, the symptoms are not very severe, it is easy to be mistaken for indigestion or gastritis, so it is ignored.

2.Can’t eat tofu with stomach problems?

If you have a bad stomach, you can eat some tofu properly, but you should not eat too much.

Beans are rich in protein, and eating too much at one time will hinder the body’s absorption of iron, easily cause protein indigestion, abdominal, bloating, diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms, which is a great burden for people with bad stomach.

2.Can't eat tofu with stomach problems?
2.Can’t eat tofu with stomach problems?

Patients with acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis should not eat tofu or soy products, because eating soy products may stimulate gastric acid secretion, aggravate the condition, and may also cause adverse symptoms such as flatulence, so it is not recommended for stomach Bad people eat beans.

3.If you want to nourish your stomach, keep in mind the following 6 foods, stomach pain may be relieve.


Honey nourishes the stomach and also has a good effect on constipation. This is because honey has high nutritional value and is conducive to intestinal absorption and digestion. A glass of honey water every day can nourish the stomach very well, but honey must be washed with warm water, otherwise the nutrients in it will be destroyed.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage contains more crude fiber, as well as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, etc. The cellulose in cabbage can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, prevent dry stools, and eat raw cabbage hearts without destroying the nutrition of cabbage. Laxatives are very effective.

3. Millet

Millet is rich in amino acids. In addition to improving sleep quality, it can also help nourish the stomach. Millet is not only easy to digest, but also rich in nutrients. It is very suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function.

What are the benefits of eating millet
What are the benefits of eating millet

Therefore, if you want to improve your gastrointestinal function and maintain your gastrointestinal health, you can usually eat millet properly to adjust your body, so as to maintain your gastrointestinal tract.

4. Bananas

The cellulose in bananas is soft and smooth, does not stimulate the stomach after eating, and can also neutralize gastric acid. In addition, bananas also contain special substances that protect, repair and promote the growth of gastric mucosa. Studies have found that bananas Some of the compounds in it inhibit the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and help prevent stomach problems.

5. Yogurt

The content of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is very rich. It has a very good effect on promoting the digestion of food and enhancing the absorption of food by the human body. It also forms a protective barrier on the gastric mucosa and helps the human body to regulate the intestinal tract. Therefore, drinking yogurt often can maintain stomach.

6. Yam

what are the benefit of eating yam
what are the benefit of eating yam

Yam contains a large amount of amylase, oxidase, etc., which may promote gastrointestinal digestion and laxative, and the amylase in yam may also promote the metabolism and decomposition of carbohydrates. People with weak spleen and stomach, people with indigestion often eat it, nourish the stomach Stomach protection.


Medicine believes that the stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and it is of great significance to human health. Usually, we must pay attention to maintaining the stomach. You can eat more of the stomach-nourishing ingredients mentioned in the article, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach.

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