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What fruit should not give to the children to eat?

Fruits are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body. Regular consumption of fruits is beneficial to enhance the body’s immunity, promote intestinal digestion, as well as beauty and beauty, improve mood and other effects.What fruit should not give to the children to eat?

What fruit should not give to the children to eat?
What fruit should not give to the children to eat?

Eating the right fruits is good for the growth and development of children, but if they eat the wrong ones, they may become the “accomplices” of the disease, especially the following fruits, don’t eat them.

rotten fruit
When the elderly help to take care of the children at home, there will always be situations like this:

I found that some fruit was broken and was reluctant to throw it away. So, carefully cut off the damaged part, and continue to give the rest of the fruit to the children.

If so, don’t do it again. Be sure to throw away rotten and moldy fruit!

Why can’t rotten fruit be eaten?

This is because the rotten fruit will produce a “carcinogenic” fungus. It seems that only a small piece is broken, but these fungi have already spread to other parts through the juice.

Eating such fruits is very harmful to the child’s body, and there is a risk of “cancer”.

Why can't rotten fruit be eaten?
Why can’t rotten fruit be eaten?

boxed fruit cut
With the improvement of living standards, people’s eating methods of fruits are also more diversified.

In fruit stands or supermarkets, you can often see such a kind of fruit – the fruit is cut into pieces or slices, packed in plastic boxes, and placed on the shelves. It looks delicious in color and tastes quite good, which makes people mouth watering. I can’t help but buy a box for my children to eat.

This kind of fruit cutting has been peeled, and it saves the cumbersome washing at home. Put a toothpick in, and the child can taste it directly, but I want to remind everyone that this kind of fruit cutting seems to be simple and convenient, but I really don’t recommend giving it to Children eat because:

1.Massive loss of nutrients

Cut fruit, the pulp is easily oxidized when exposed to the air, resulting in a serious loss of a large amount of vitamin C.

A study was conducted in the United Kingdom to evaluate the content of vitamin C in fruit cuts. The final discovery: its nutritional content is less than 50% of the advertised.

Moreover, the price of fruit cut is often more expensive than the price of whole fruit, so if you spend money, but you buy a box of fruit with no nutritional value, you will suffer!

1.Massive loss of nutrients
1.Massive loss of nutrients

2.Not clean and unsanitary

Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to reduce costs, are likely to mix rotten fruit into it.

In order to save time and effort, some merchants start to process the fruit without rinsing or washing it.

Henan Metropolitan Channel once reported that a female owner of a fruit shop peeled apples without gloves. Why do reporters do this when interviewing? The female shop owner replied directly: “It is inconvenient to wear gloves and affects the efficiency of work.”

Subsequently, the reporter sent these fruits to specialized institutions for testing. As soon as the results came out, experts reminded: Escherichia coli is seriously exceeding the standard, and eating such fruit cuts can easily lead to acute enteritis.

In addition, the knives used to cut fruit, the utensils that hold the fruit, and the environment in which the fruit is processed may become sources of pollution.

So, don’t buy this kind of fruit and cut it for your children to save time.

2.Not clean and unsanitary
2.Not clean and unsanitary

Juice is not recommended

Juice has been said many times, try to drink as little as possible, because it is not only at the risk of gaining weight and tooth decay, but also not conducive to the exercise of the baby’s chewing ability. Especially for babies under 1 year old, don’t drink a sip. For babies over 1 year old, it is best to choose sterilized 100% pure juice.

Many mothers use fruit puree when making complementary food for their babies. If you want to buy fruit puree on the market, you must read the ingredient list and choose pure natural fruit puree without additives.

It is not recommended for mothers to make fruit puree for their children, because the procedure is more complicated, and it is easy to cause the pulp to oxidize in the air for a long time, which not only loses vitamin C, but also increases the chance of being contaminated by bacteria. It is better to cut it directly. Scrape the pulp off the open fruit and feed it to the child.

Juice is not recommended
Juice is not recommended

Pay attention to the special eating method of some special fruits

Some fruits contain some special substances, which must be paid attention to when feeding them to children.

For example, carambola contains a poisonous substance – carambola toxin. Normal people eat it fine, but if the kidney function is insufficiency, it may cause death if eaten seriously.

The kidney function of infants and young children is still in the developing stage. If you eat starfruit, you can eat one or two pieces occasionally. Don’t eat too much, and don’t give your baby an empty stomach.

There is also pineapple, which contains pineapple enzymes that can stimulate the oral mucosa, which is easy to cause symptoms such as itching and bleeding in the baby’s mouth. Therefore, you should pay attention to feeding the baby. First, give the baby a little, and observe that there is no abnormality within 24 hours, then continue to eat, eat Soak in salt water for about 15 minutes beforehand.

In addition, some fruits have pits, so you must pay attention when feeding them to children, especially small babies, and the pits should be removed in advance.

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