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What i do for live good life longer

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When it comes to longevity, I believe most people will think of some well-known longevity areas, such as Japan . So do you know why Japanese people live longer? In fact, there are many secrets to the longevity of Japanese people, and diet is the key point. Today, let’s learn about the factors of longevity in Japanese from the perspective of diet, and see how the Japanese eat.What i do for live good life longer

First: eat fruits and vegetables often

What i do for live good life longer
What i do for live good life longer

For Japanese, fruit is a must-eat food. And we also know that the vitamins, proteins and trace elements in fruits are beneficial to the body, and can help eliminate and stabilize blood pressure, etc., so it is relatively healthy.

Second: eat white meat often

love to eat white meat
love to eat white meat

Japan is close to the sea, so Japanese people like to eat fish. Fish is white meat, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol after entering the body.

Third: love to eat soy products

Why do Japanese people live longer? Because Japanese people like to eat soy products, soy products are rich in plant protein, low cholesterol, soy isoflavones and dietary fiber, which can provide a long-term satiety after eating, and will not A lot of calories are converted into fat in the body. Japanese people especially like beans and soy products, and soy is indispensable in both sugar and side dishes. And the protein contained in soybeans will be converted into amino acids after entering the body, which can help reduce calorie intake, lower blood pressure, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Fourth: less oil

less oil
less oil

Did you know? In fact, Japanese people don’t like to eat oil, and many foods are not filled with oil, so the excessive intake of oil is greatly reduced, obesity and cardiovascular problems are avoided, so the body is healthier.

The above are the dietary principles of Japanese longevity. I want to say that friends who want to live longer can follow it for reference. Eat more white meat and less red meat, eat more fruits, vegetables and soy products, then you will be healthier. .

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