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What is the benefits of aspirin while mixing with shampoo

Aspirin” is ground into powder and shampooed for 30 days, what effect will it have? Give it a try

There are many men who wash their hair almost every day. Since their hair is very short, they also wash their hair while washing their face. If they want to have a perfect hairstyle, men usually wash it every day, while women do. Washing once every 2~3 days, there are also many people who have a series of unhealthy scalp problems, leading to the phenomenon of hair loss and dandruff. Some people like to use some anti-dandruff effect or other functions of shampoo, try After a lot of shampoo, you will find that the effect is not as good as expected.what is the benefits of aspirin while mixing with shampoo

what is the benefits of aspirin while mixing with shampoo
what is the benefits of aspirin while mixing with shampoo

1. Aspirin” is ground into powder and shampooed for 30 days, what will be the effect? give it a try

A. Less dandruff

Some people will have some dandruff on their hair. Dandruff is very embarrassing. When wearing some dark clothes, it looks obvious, which will make their image look very sloppy. In order to solve this problem, some People began to try a variety of anti-dandruff shampoos, and in addition to changing shampoos, it is suggested that you can also add a few grains of aspirin when washing your hair.

Some people massage the head with their hands when washing their hair. During the whole process, the salicylic acid in aspirin can help the scalp to clean up some aging keratin, and it can also improve the activity of some cells and improve the phenomenon of clogged pores, which will make the scalp inside The blood circulation is more smooth, so dandruff will become less and less.

after using aspirin your dandruff less
after using aspirin your dandruff less

B. Anti-inflammatory and sterilization

There are also some people who not only have dandruff, but also have some small pimples on their heads. These pimples are very itchy, and they can’t help scratching with their hands. When they use too much force, they will scratch their scalps. It will lead to fungal infection, and many people will have a serious phenomenon of inflammation and purulence. On the first day after washing our hair, our scalp and hair are relatively fresh, and on the second day, there will be a lot of oil that is not cleaned in time, causing the oil to block the hair follicles. The formation of small pimples is also one of the reasons. If you want to solve this problem, you must completely solve it from the root. You can try washing your hair with some aspirin, which can relieve inflammation and improve the environment of the scalp.

C. Reduce hair loss

Some young people are very stressed in their lives. At this time, they are in a state of high tension and severe hair loss occurs. When shampooing, there will also be a lot of scalp shedding. At this time, you can relax your mind, and some time to wash your hair. Also try adding aspirin, which can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, effectively nourish your hair, improve the living environment of the hair follicles, and make the scalp healthier, so that the hair will become better and better, and it will reduce hair loss. such a phenomenon

2. How to properly use aspirin?

Learn the correct steps to wash your hair with aspirin.Before washing your hair, prepare 4 aspirin tablets and use a tool to make it into powder, add it to the shampoo and start mixing slowly. After the hair is completely wet, apply some of the shampoo prepared in advance evenly. On the scalp, massage with your fingers for about three minutes. After the scalp is fully in contact with aspirin, rinse it slowly with water. You can also use a comb to comb your hair to stimulate the scalp during massage, which can speed up the absorption of the drug , According to this method, if it goes on like this for a long time, the scalp will become more and more healthy, and it will give you black and beautiful hair.

How to properly use aspirin?
How to properly use aspirin?

When you use this method, stick to using it twice a week, and you will see obvious results after a month. At this time, your hair quality has become very good, and the phenomenon of hair loss has also been reduced, and there is no dandruff on the hair. For such a phenomenon, in addition to this method, everyone should also change their bad living habits and eating habits, so that they can go to bed early and get up early to avoid staying up late, try to keep their diet light as possible, do not eat some spicy and stimulating food, and sleep every night. Comb your hair with a comb for 10 minutes before, which can also effectively massage your scalp and improve your sleep quality.

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