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What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits

Now that it has entered the cold winter, the weather is freezing cold. Most people like to stay in the heating room, watch TV, eat melon seeds, and have a very nourishing life. They are too lazy to even go out to get a courier, let alone exercise. , Not only freezing hands and feet, but the smog weather also gave people a reason to stop running.

But for those who have been exercising for a long time, if they suddenly stop exercising in winter, it is more likely to cause health problems. Some people say that winter is the most suitable season for running. Why is this?

What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits
What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits

1. Why keep running in winter? Expert: After reading these benefits, maybe you will also be excited

  1. A clearer mind In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, running can stimulate the body’s protective response, speed up blood circulation, and accelerate blood flow in the brain, which will improve the ability of the brain’s body temperature center to regulate, thereby supplying more nutrients to the brain and making the brain more awake. Running in winter can significantly promote the memory function of the brain.
  2. Disease prevention When it comes to winter, the weather is relatively cold. For some people with poor physical fitness, once they are attacked by wind and cold, they are very prone to colds and fever. Running in winter can significantly enhance the functions of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Promote the healthy operation of muscles, skeletal nerves and various organs, improve the body’s disease resistance, and prevent colds.
  3. Exercise willpower When the weather is cold and severe in winter, almost no one will take the initiative to climb out of the warm bed and go for a run in the cold environment. It is more optimistic and fuller, and the mood is more comfortable, which helps to release the pressure in work and life.
What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits
What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits
  1. Improve sleep quality In winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Many people have gradually developed the habit of staying up late to sleep. In the long run, they are prone to sleep disorders such as insomnia, dreams, and easy awakening. The blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain can be increased by 25% through running. The quality of sleep at night will also be enhanced, which will significantly increase the efficiency of work and study on the second day.
  2. Relieve tension and fatigue Due to the accelerated pace of life, people’s work pressure is also increasing. In a high-pressure environment for a long time, it is very easy to cause tension, fatigue, anxiety and other emotions in the human body. Persistent running can inhibit adrenaline and cortisol, which cause tension. It also releases endorphins that make people feel relaxed, and relieve tension to a certain extent.
  3. Helps lose weight and shape In winter, people usually like to eat some high-fat and high-calorie foods to keep warm and ward off the cold. For a long time, the accumulation of heat in the body will be converted into fat, making the human body obese, and running is the best way to lose weight and shape. By running, the body fat content of girls can be reduced by 12% to 20%.
What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits
What is the benefits of running in winter season read these benefits
  1. The body is more stable For some elderly people, due to the usual poor living and eating habits, the body’s bones and various organs will gradually decline, and through running, the resistance to injury of tendons, ligaments and joints will be strengthened and reduced. The chance of sports injuries, while the skin, muscles and connective tissue become stronger.
  2. Slow down aging Death is the natural law of life. Although we cannot get rid of the fact of aging, we can delay the pace of aging to a certain extent. Running can promote the secretion of growth hormone and increase the oxygen content in the body, which can help delay aging to a certain extent and keep people young.

2. What should you pay attention to when running in winter?

  1. Running time Due to the short days and long nights in winter, the time to go out for a run is delayed for a period of time than in summer. If you go out for a run at 8:00 in the morning in summer, but you can go out at 8:30 in the morning in winter, many people may go to work at this time, then You can keep running to work.

2, pay attention to keep warm

When you go out for a run in winter, you must do a good job of keeping warm, wear non-slip cotton shoes, gloves, and cotton socks. If you have a disease such as pharyngitis, it is best to wear a mask. If you sweat after running, Never take off your clothes directly, as this is very likely to catch a cold.

What should you pay attention to when running in winter
What should you pay attention to when running in winter
  1. Pay attention to warm up When going out for a run in winter, be sure to warm up and prepare to do three sets of ten high leg raises. In this way, after the muscles of the whole body are pulled up, you can run. When warming up, pay attention to the situation that if there is a strain, you must do the twisting action in place, and focus on the four joints.

4. Adequate water intake

In winter, the climate is dry, especially in the northern regions. Even if you don’t exercise, your skin and heart and lungs will be dehydrated easily because of the dry weather. Therefore, you must ensure that you replenish water, warm water, and sports drinks at any time before, during and after running. , all kinds of porridge, soup, etc. are all very good choices.

  1. Walk with runners Before going out for a run every day, be sure to notify those around you. Especially in bad weather, you can ask friends to run with you, especially female friends. Recently, there have been many news reports of female friends running into accidents. Running with friends is not only necessary to ensure safety, but also enables running. Add fun.
What should you pay attention to when running in winter
What should you pay attention to when running in winter
  1. Anti-skid in snow On the road that has just snowed, the heavy snow has not been completely compacted and run on it, which can increase the fun of running, but the speed must be slow, be careful of the danger of snow coverage, and prevent accidents from happening. In addition, if the heavy snow is compacted, This kind of road surface is relatively smooth, so you must wear running shoes with high friction, and touch the ground with all the soles of your feet to increase the friction force to prevent falling due to slippery roads.
  2. Do not wear sunglasses when running after snow to prevent snow blindness Under the sunlight, the white snow is like a silver-white reflector, which refracts the strong light outdoors. If the eyes are stimulated for a long time, it will cause snow blindness. Snow blind, may wish to wear dark sunglasses, which can effectively prevent the excessive stimulation of the pupils by ultraviolet rays in the sun.

Conclusion: Do you usually have the habit of running in winter? Are you excited after reading this article? However, everyone must pay attention to the above matters when running, and be prepared before starting.

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