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What is the difference between male and female skin?

Today, let’s talk about skin care for boys. The skin is the largest organ of the human body.What is the difference between male and female skin?

It acts as a protective physical barrier by absorbing UV radiation to prevent microbial invasion and chemical penetration as well as mechanical irritation, etc.

In addition to immune, sensory, and autonomic functions, the skin controls the passage of water and electrolytes, and plays an important role in the body’s thermoregulation, and the skin is also part of face engineering.

In a 2018 review, 57 articles were selected from 632 articles on the difference between male and female skin, respectively, on the hydration, transdermal water loss, sebum, skin thickness, skin pH, microcirculation, pigmentation of male and female skin. , skin elasticity, wrinkles and other dimensions are separately counted.

What is the difference between male and female skin?
What is the difference between male and female skin?

Statistics show that the first male skin is more oily, affected by sex hormones, the sebum content of men is relatively high, and the skin of women will be more oily.

When the oil secretion of the sebaceous glands increases and the keratin around the hair follicle is oxidized, it will become blackheads, and when the acne encounters Propionibacterium acnes, it will become acne, and pustules, nodules, and cysts will also appear in severe cases. etc.

The second heaviness is more obvious. Men have a high melanin index, and the probability of hyperpigmentation is higher than that of women. In addition to their active nature, it is absolutely clear that men have a higher probability of skin damage in daily life than women. They do not pay attention to cleaning, sun protection, mechanical Rubbing and squeezing a pimple can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation in men.

The third wrinkle is more pronounced, and the facial wrinkles are deeper in men, especially in the forehead area than in women. However, there is no significant difference in skin elasticity between the sexes. A common misunderstanding is that men have thicker skin and more oil secretion, so it is inferred that oily skin is not easy to age.

Do you all feel the same way? Although the overall idea is good, in 2013, a scholar conducted a study of 173 Japanese men and women, and the results showed that men had more forehead wrinkles than women, and no gender-related differences were found in upper eyelid wrinkles.

What is the difference between male and female skin?
What is the difference between male and female skin?

Facial wrinkles were more pronounced in men in all age groups except the largest age group, women in the 65-75 age group, where wrinkles were greater than or equal to men.

From the reported results, most of the above parameters are the same, but the results of other parameters are somewhat contradictory, which may be due to differences in study design, measurement equipment, sample size, measurement location, environmental conditions and the genetic background of the subjects. caused by the difference.

For example, we often say that the skin of men is about 25% thicker than that of women. Is it true that many boys will automatically bring it in, and men’s skin is thicker?

In 2006, some scholars used optical coherence tomography to measure 83 subjects, and the results showed that the forehead skin of elderly women was significantly thinner than that of men. But otherwise, there was no significant difference in epidermal thickness between men and women.

What is the difference between male and female skin?
What is the difference between male and female skin?

In 2018, optical coherence tomography was also used, and the results still showed no relationship between gender and skin type and epidermal thickness of the skin, confirming the 2006 study on skin thickness.

Despite this, there are still many follow-up experiments showing that the overall thickness of male skin is 10% to 20% thicker than that of females. There will be some related experiments, but everyone’s conclusions may not be very consistent.

The important thing here is to establish a correct concept of skin care and take good care of it. The first must be to reject prejudice. Although you can see some special skin care products for men, this does not mean that men cannot use it without specifying that it is only for men.

Skin care is gender-neutral. In fact, most of the skin care products that are marked for men are to meet the needs of boys who like refreshing, masculine or no taste, etc. There is no need to narrow your choice.

Regarding cleaning, it is impossible to wash your face with facial cleanser, wash your face with soap every day, and only wash your face with water. Don’t underestimate the matter of washing your face. The wrong way of washing your face will make your skin worse and worse.

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