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What to do with freckles on the face in summer

The hot summer is coming, with the rising temperature and the intensity of ultraviolet rays, the little fairies will grow spots in minutes if they go out a little carelessly. So, is there any way to solve the sunburn?What to do with freckles on the face in summer

First of all, let’s talk about an important point. In fact, there is no medical definition of “sunburn”, because in addition to the pigmentation caused by sun exposure, sunburn is not primary.

What to do with freckles on the face in summer
What to do with freckles on the face in summer

We often talk about sunburn, which essentially refers to the aggravation of the original pigmentation on the face or the induced chloasma after prolonged sun exposure. Some people go out without sun protection, and spots begin to appear on the originally clean face, which is easily mistaken for sunburn.

In fact, it’s either prolonged sun exposure that makes the previously inconspicuous pigmentation visible, i.e. the pigmentation already exists, or the face induces melasma after excessive sun exposure. But it is certain that all spots are caused by ultraviolet rays.

However, this does not mean that everyone will have spots on their faces after a long time of sun exposure. The main factor of long spots lies in heredity, but also includes sun exposure, wrong skin care, some special diseases, etc., and individual differences are large. Therefore, even if it is a male compatriot, don’t think that others don’t get spots in the sun, and you don’t need to do sunscreen yourself. Don’t regret it when you do get spots!

Secondly, if the spots have already grown, and the summer is hot, how can we continue to fight against the spots?

I believe that many little fairies may follow the trend and try various “heard and useful” methods, but in most cases, the pigmentation will still grow, and some not only have no signs of subsidence, but even the skin has been tossed even worse.

What to do with freckles on the face in summer
What to do with freckles on the face in summer

Let’s take a look at the two suggestions , freckle and anti-freckle.

1.Freckle removal

Judging from the nature of long spots in summer, the pigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure generally aggravates the original spots or induces chloasma, which means that the types of spots that appear after sun exposure are likely to be different for each person. . If you want to solve the so-called sunburn problem, the first step is to identify what kind of spots are on your face, and don’t blindly treat them.

In the current scientific method, in addition to internal and external use of freckle removal products, only the use of medical beauty technology, such as fractional laser, picosecond laser, OPT (intense pulsed light) and so on, can effectively remove freckle.

Freckle removal
Freckle removal

Although the use of medical beauty technology can effectively remove freckles, one key issue must be paid attention to: the level of freckles. The levels of pigment expression of different stains are different, and even the levels of the same stain are different. For example, freckles are located in the superficial layers of the skin, and chloasma is both deep and superficial.

For a little fairy who wants to use medical beauty and freckle removal, the first thing should be to find a professional doctor for a good face-to-face consultation, and first determine the skin quality, level and other information. The second thing is to determine a suitable freckle removal plan in a professional institution, and then carry out professional operation.


Of course, for most people, freckle prevention is far better than freckle removal. Rather than considering improvement after the fact, it is better to do sunscreen in advance and avoid freckles.

Therefore, regardless of men and women, the editor recommends that according to the daily schedule, choose different methods such as applying sunscreen, wearing a sunscreen umbrella, and wearing a sunscreen hat to protect against the sun. Even friends who have already started to grow spots should do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing, and at the same time reduce sun exposure to avoid further deepening of the spots on the face.

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