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What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation

To treat constipation, diet conditioning is very important! What to eat for constipation? The pharmacist recommends 10 dishes, which can improve constipation, relax the bowels, and keep you away from constipation troubles! What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation

Constipation Recipe 1 – Five Kernel Porridge

Raw materials: sesame seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, peach kernels (peeled, pointed, fried), 10 grams each of sweet almonds, 200 grams of japonica rice
Production: Mix the five kernels and crush them, add the japonica rice to make a gruel.
Usage: When eating, add an appropriate amount of sugar, take it every morning and evening.
Efficacy: Nourish liver and kidney, moisten dryness and smooth intestines. It is suitable for habitual constipation caused by qi and blood deficiency in middle-aged and elderly people.

Constipation recipe 2 – Su Ma porridge

Raw materials: 15 grams of suzi, 30 grams of hemp seeds, 30 grams of japonica rice
Production: First smash the suzi and pockmarked seeds and filter the water to get the juice, and cook it into the rice to make porridge.
Usage: Eat on an empty stomach. Can be used for a long time.
Efficacy:It is suitable for the elderly, postpartum women and the chronically ill and infirm with constipation and difficulty.

What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation
What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation

Constipation Recipe 3 – Pine Nut Porridge

Raw materials: 15 grams of pine nuts, 30 grams of japonica rice
Production: First cook the japonica rice porridge, then grind the pine nuts and water to make a paste, add it into the porridge, and boil for two or three times.
Usage: empty stomach, 3 times a day.
Efficacy: Runchang laxative. It is suitable for those with constipation caused by lack of qi and blood in the elderly or due to heat injury.

Constipation recipe 4 – glutinous rice porridge

Raw materials: 100 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of betel nut, 15 grams of Yu Liren, peeled and ground into paste 15 grams of hemp seeds
Production: First, use water to grind hemp seeds and filter to extract juice, add glutinous rice and cook to make porridge. When cooked, add betel nut and Yu Liren and stir well.
Usage: Consume on an empty stomach, 2 times a day.
Efficacy: Regulates Qi, moistens the intestines, laxative. Suitable for fullness of chest and diaphragm, constipation.

What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation
What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation

Constipation Recipe 5 – Stewed Banana with Rock Sugar

Raw materials: 2 bananas, right amount of rock sugar
Production: Peel the bananas, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and steam over water.
Usage: Take 2 times a day for several days.
Efficacy: clearing away heat and moistening dryness, detoxifying and smoothing the intestines, nourishing and neutralizing the stomach. Constipation for weak patients.

Constipation Recipe 6 – Ginseng Beads Tea

Medicinal materials: 7.5 grams each of ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, lily, and Chuanbei.
Seasoning: appropriate amount of rock sugar.
Practice: ① Wash the ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, lily, and Chuanbei for later use. ②Pour half a cup of water into the bowl, add all the medicinal materials, steam for 30 minutes, turn off the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. ③ Finally, add rock sugar and mix thoroughly.
Efficacy: Ophiopogon japonicus contains amino acids, glucose and other active ingredients, which can be mildly nourishing, and have the functions of strengthening immunity and diuresis, which can improve neurasthenia and constipation.

Constipation Recipe 7 – Mushroom and Peach Kernel Soup

Materials: 300 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 200 grams of fresh peach kernels, appropriate amount of chicken soup, and appropriate amount of starch.

Seasoning: salt, cooking wine, and sugar.
Practice: ①The mushrooms are soaked in water for use. ② Steam the fresh peach kernels in a pot and set aside. ③Add an appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine, and sugar to the chicken soup, and bring to a boil. ④Add cooked peach kernels and soaked shiitake mushrooms, and thicken with starch after cooking.

Efficacy: Runchang laxative. Can help treat constipation.

Constipation Recipe 8 – Stewed Sydney with Red Apricot

Material: 5 pears and an appropriate amount of red apricots.
Seasoning: appropriate amount of sugar.
Practice: Wash the pears, remove the heart and core, and place them in half a bowl of water with red apricots and white sugar. Stew in water for 1 hour. Efficacy: red apricot moistens the intestines and lowers qi and laxatives; pear clears heat and promotes fluid and moistens the lungs. This product has the effect of clearing heat and promoting body fluid, moistening the intestines and laxatives, and can treat dry intestines and constipation.

Constipation Recipe 9 – Golden Garlic Amaranth Soup

What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation
What to eat to relax the bowels and improve constipation

Material: 8 cloves of garlic, 120 grams of amaranth.
Seasoning: salad oil, salt amount.
Method: ①Add a small amount of oil to the pot, put down the garlic cloves after heating, and fry over low heat until golden brown. ②Add an appropriate amount of water to the pan for frying garlic, bring to the boil and then put the amaranth. ③ After the soup is boiled again, season with salt and serve.
Efficacy: laxative, moisturizing.

Constipation Recipe 10 – Angelica Cistanche Pig Blood

Material: 125 grams of pig blood. Medicinal materials: 15 grams each of Angelica and Cistanche.
Seasoning: lard, scallion white, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil amount.
Practice: ① Angelica and Cistanche are put into a casserole, add water to boil to get the liquid and remove the residue. ②The pig blood is washed and cut into pieces. ③ Cook the pig blood clots in the medicinal liquid, add lard, scallion, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, etc., mix well, and eat on an empty stomach while hot.
Efficacy: nourishing blood, moistening intestines and laxative.

NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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