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What to eat when constipated and bloated

What I bring to you today is what should be paid attention to in the diet of patients with constipation. In addition to functional changes in the intestinal and pelvic floor muscles, the most common cause of constipation is an unreasonable dietary structure, such as young people who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. Prefer refined staple food and meat, the elderly have weakened digestive ability, eating too little and drinking insufficient water. Excessive intake of dietary fiber or insufficient water will lead to dry and hard stools, which will not only be difficult to pass out, but also easily rupture or scratch the rectum and anal canal, resulting in anal fissure.what to eat when constipated and bloated

1.Increase dietary fiber intake

The first thing that patients with constipation should pay attention to is to increase the intake of dietary fiber in an appropriate amount. The WHO recommends the intake of 30g of dietary fiber per day. Foods rich in dietary fiber include vegetables and fruits, cereals, potatoes, beans and so on.

what to eat when constipated and bloated
what to eat when constipated and bloated

2. Increase water intake

The second aspect is to drink more water, at least 1500ml of water a day, to ensure sufficient water intake to ensure that there is enough water in the intestinal cavity to soften the stool. It is not necessary to drink pure water to drink water. Eat more fruits with high water content, or drink vegetable juice without filter residue, mung bean soup, etc., which are all good ways to drink water, which not only ensures water intake, but also consumes water. Rich in dietary fiber and nutrients, killing two birds with one stone.

what to eat when constipated and bloated
what to eat when constipated and bloated

3.Lubricate the intestines

what to eat when constipated and bloated
what to eat when constipated and bloated

The third point is to properly lubricate the intestines. Some people, because of dieting to reduce fat or picky eaters, or the elderly with low digestive function, consume too little fat in food, and too much fiber content can also lead to difficult stools. For such people , Supplement some high-quality fats in an appropriate amount, such as nuts and seeds, to lubricate the intestines and make the stool easier to pass.
At present, young people are under heavy work pressure, and the pace of life is tense. It is difficult to eat and rest regularly. Constipation is no longer a disease unique to the elderly. More or less, they have experienced constipation because of changes in their lives. When necessary, some auxiliary means can also be used, such as the use of Kaisailu or oral laxative treatment, but these auxiliary means can only be auxiliary and cannot be relied on for a long time. Correcting unreasonable eating habits is the key.

Maintaining a healthy eating habit for a long time can help everyone improve constipation, and it can also prevent an occasional constipation from forming a vicious circle and cause more serious consequences.

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