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What type of water bottle is safest?

Insulation cup, plastic cup, glass cup, which water is safe to use

With the help of the right water, many benefits can be reaped, not only to avoid the blood being too thick to affect the circulation, but also to keep the metabolism smooth, thereby accelerating the excretion of harmful substances. Of course, the function of the kidneys should be improved, the mouth and throat should be kept moist, and the appropriate amount of water should be drunk.

However, some people do not choose a suitable container, and do not know what kind of water cup is the safest, and commonly used thermos cups, plastic cups, glass cups, etc., let’s find out.

1. Insulation cup

Insulation cups are commonly used water cups. In winter, the ambient temperature drops, and the hot water becomes cold without being placed in the thermos cup for a while. Therefore, the thermos cup market is very popular.

insulation cup
insulation cup

There are differences in the quality of different thermos cups produced by different manufacturers. Although some thermos cups have good thermal insulation effect, they can be maintained for several hours so that the water temperature does not drop significantly, but there is a phenomenon that the content of heavy metals exceeds the standard. Use these thermal insulation products for a long time. , will cause harm to human health.

However, if it is a high-quality and safe thermos cup, it will not have negative effects when it is used to fill water and drink it. It is necessary to read the instructions carefully when purchasing a vacuum flask to know whether the manufacturer is fully qualified. Only vacuum flasks that meet the national food safety standards can be used safely. Among them, 304 and 316 stainless steel are more suitable. Don’t be greedy for cheap and buy those inferior vacuum flasks.

2, plastic cup

As a cheaper drinking cup, plastic cups are mostly made of plasticizers.

If it is a plastic cup with poor quality and no quality assurance, you will find that its texture is very poor, it feels very light and thin in the hand, and there is an unpleasant smell. Hot water will dilute the harmful components in it into the water, thereby entering the human body and threatening health. Do not buy and use plastic cups in this case.

plastic cup
plastic cup

Of course, for the sake of drinking water safety and health, consumers should choose plastic cups with guaranteed quality when purchasing, and carefully observe whether the QS logo is written on the outside.

The QS mark is the standard for food-grade plastic cups. It is a plastic cup that meets the specifications and has quality assurance. It is used to hold water or other food and has little harm to the human body.

Of course, plastic cups should not be filled with hot things, because the safety of plastic products is worse than other materials. If you hold hot water or hot food at a high temperature, more or less some of the ingredients will enter the food and eat it for a long time. These things have certain hidden dangers to the human body. Need to choose other more suitable materials to improve the safety factor.

3. Glass

As a commonly used water cup, the glass is made at high temperature. The content of silicon and boron in it is very rich, and there are no other organic chemicals. The safety factor of the glass is higher, and there is no need to worry that harmful components will dissolve after filling with water drink water into the body.

Another advantage of the glass cup is that it is easy to clean, the surface is relatively smooth, and it is not easy to adhere to bacteria or dirt. Buying a glass cup with guaranteed quality will not cause negative effects when used for a long time.

What type of water bottle is safest?
What type of water bottle is safest?

However, you should keep your eyes open when choosing a glass. The current market is mixed. Some glasses look high-end, but in fact the material is not good, especially those glasses with various patterns printed on the outside. Well don’t buy it.

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