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Which 4 food can we eat more for reduce blood lipids

Introduction: Now, with the improvement of living standards, people’s diet is getting richer and richer, and they are no longer satisfied with the issue of food and clothing. Now more and more people are beginning to pursue more delicious food. Nowadays, there are many kinds of food, which also It has led to some health problems. While pursuing a good diet, we should also pursue a healthy diet. The reason why many people suffer from hyperlipidemia is mainly related to their eating habits. Which 4 food can we eat more for reduce blood lipids

Some people say that walking more helps lower blood lipids, so is this claim true?

Can walking reduce blood lipids?

In recent years, the walking regimen has been loved by people. Compared with other exercise methods, walking is actually a low-intensity, soothing aerobic exercise, which is suitable for all kinds of people. It can accelerate blood circulation and improve blood circulation. Metabolic speed, burning excess fat in the body, stabilizing blood lipid levels, are beneficial to health.

Which 4 food can we eat more for reduce blood lipids
Which 4 food can we eat more for reduce blood lipids

Walking for more than half an hour a day can speed up the consumption of body fat and reduce obesity to a certain extent. It also helps to stabilize the internal environment, balance various hormone levels, and avoid diseases. Reasonable diet and exercise in daily life for patients with hyperlipidemia Combined, it can effectively assist and stabilize blood lipids in the body, play a good conditioning role, and reduce physical damage under the action of drugs.

What diseases can hyperlipidemia cause?

coronary problems

Long-term exposure to excessive blood lipids will lead to the continuous deposition of fat components in the blood vessels, resulting in blood circulation disorders, which cannot be effectively circulated everywhere and reduce the efficiency of surgery.

increased risk of high blood pressure

If blood lipids continue to rise, it is easy to lead to high blood pressure. This is mainly because the increase in blood lipid concentration will lead to blood viscosity, promote myocardial dysfunction, lead to rapid contraction of blood vessels, activate active enzymes in the body, lead to vasospasm and uncontrolled blood pressure, Even cerebral thrombosis or myocardial infarction.

liver damage

After the influence of hyperlipidemia, the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood exceed the standard. With the process of blood circulation, when flowing through the liver, the fat content increases, causing liver diseases such as fatty liver, damage to the original function of the liver, and inhibition of bilirubin metabolism.

cause coronary heart disease

Long-term failure to lower blood lipids will lead to reduced coronary blood circulation, myocardial bleeding and acute vasoconstriction, leading to angina pectoris or coronary heart disease.

Eat 4 more foods at ordinary times, or can reduce blood lipids

Carrot is a common vegetable in life, rich in calcium pectate and biological potassium. Calcium pectate can be combined with bile and excreted through defecation. The bile acid produced must have sufficient cholesterol supply, so it will consume the blood in the blood. Cholesterol, thereby lowering the cholesterol level. When biological potassium enters the blood, it can dissolve the plaque deposited on the inner wall of the blood vessel, and finally excrete it through urination or defecation, so as to achieve the effect of lowering blood lipids.

benefits of eating carrot
benefits of eating carrot


Onion is a common vegetable in daily life. Eating onion properly is beneficial to health. Many health practitioners will eat vinegar with onion, which helps to remove garbage in blood vessels. The special components in onion can enhance blood vessel elasticity and prevent thrombosis. , reduce blood lipids, prevent diabetes, therefore, people with high blood lipids usually eat more onions.

benefit of eating onion
benefit of eating onion


Kelp is a common seaweed food, which can be eaten cold or cooked. It has rich taste and high nutritional value. It is rich in taurine. Through the absorption and digestion of the human body, it helps to reduce blood pressure and blood lipids Cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, promote the stable development of blood lipids and prevent blood levels from rising.

In addition, kelp is rich in iodine, which can supplement the human body with fibrous alginic acid, inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach and intestines, reduce the accumulation of fatty substances in the body, and is more conducive to losing weight and stabilizing blood lipids.

benefits of eating kelp
benefits of eating kelp


Tomatoes contain a variety of nutrients, which can play a certain medicinal role. Among them, three types of flavin, vitamin A, pectin and vitamin C can inhibit the content of cholesterol in the blood, reduce the level of triglycerides, and achieve Good hypolipidemic effect.

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