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Which fruit should i eat for stomach problem


The gastric mucosa is a kind of mucosa in the stomach, which can protect the stomach, but is very fragile. Drugs, diet, environment, smoking and drinking, bacterial infections and emotional changes will all cause varying degrees of damage to the gastric mucosa.Which fruit should i eat for stomach problem

Which fruit should i eat for stomach problem
Which fruit should i eat for stomach problem

Once the gastric mucosa is damaged, it is difficult to return to its original state, causing a series of stomach discomforts.

What are the manifestations of gastric mucosal damage?


Flatulence is a common symptom of people with bad stomach. If your spleen and stomach are out of balance, or blocked due to cold, the gas in the stomach cannot be discharged in time and normally, resulting in flatulence.

Stomach pain

Once the gastric mucosa is injured, the most typical symptom is stomach pain. The reason is that the damage to the gastric mucosa is equivalent to the local tissue lesions in the stomach. Over time, ulcers and wounds will appear, which will inevitably cause pain.

Nausea and vomiting

People with bad stomach will have problems with diet and digestion. Many people gradually find that they have become “picky eaters” after suffering from stomach problems. Many things have no appetite and do not like to eat. It’s not that they’ve become hypocritical.

Nausea and vomiting
Nausea and vomiting

But it is really caused by physical illness, the food in the stomach has not been well digested and excreted, and naturally the next meal cannot be absorbed normally. If you eat too much food, you will be nauseated and vomited.

If the damaged gastric mucosa is not repaired in time, the stomach will appear abnormal again and again, and even cause gastric cancer in severe cases. Therefore, corresponding measures must be taken to repair the gastric mucosa. Eat more of the following four stomach “hate” fruits, maybe they can help you repair your stomach lining.

Which fruits can people with stomach problems eat?


Apple can be said to be a popular fruit, but don’t ignore its role because it has a lot of effects on the human body. Apples are rich in plant fiber, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, invigorate qi and nourish the stomach, and prevent constipation.

If you want to achieve the best effect of nourishing the stomach, you might as well cook it and eat it, so that its pectin content is higher, which can absorb the toxic substances in the stomach and stomach, which is beneficial to your health.


Papaya is also a very friendly fruit for the stomach. Its taste is crisp and has a very good effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach and curing stomach pain.

what are the benefits of eating papaya
what are the benefits of eating papaya

Many people like to take it and peel it and eat it directly, but eating too much of it can easily lead to diarrhea, and people with more stomach acid should not eat too much.

The papaya produced in the south can decompose fat into fatty acids, which is helpful for the digestion and absorption of food, and can relieve indigestion, dysentery, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, etc.


For people with a bad stomach, bananas can also be eaten often, because the biggest effect of bananas is smoothness. If the patient’s stomach is obviously bloated, bananas can be taken to relieve the phenomenon of bloating.

Many gastrointestinal surgeons say that the best time to eat bananas is after lunch, especially if you have indigestion after eating too much lunch.


Grape is a fruit that cannot be let down in summer. Its taste is sour, sweet and juicy.

what are the benefits of eating grape
what are the benefits of eating grape

Because it is rich in tartaric acid, it can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, which is very beneficial for people with weak digestive ability.

However, it should be noted that you can’t eat too much at one time, especially those who have stomach cold must not be greedy.

Precautions for nourishing the stomach

If you want to nourish your stomach, in addition to paying attention to the choice of ingredients, you should also pay attention to your own eating habits, such as doing these three things:

Eat seven full

According to nutritionists, it is best to eat at seven points full, which can reduce the pressure on the stomach and avoid poor circulation caused by eating too much tonic. It is not only very helpful to human health, but also has a certain effect of nourishing the stomach. .

In addition, when eating, you should chew slowly and completely crush the food. The chewed food can be fully mixed with the gastric fluid, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Precautions for nourishing the stomach
Precautions for nourishing the stomach

In addition, chewing slowly while eating can improve the absorption rate of food nutrients, which is very beneficial to your health. It is recommended to chew food 30 times per bite, and eat no less than 20 minutes per meal.

Do more stomach exercises

Properly carrying out some stomach-raising exercises can also help strengthen the spleen and stomach. The simplest stomach-raising exercise happens in our mouths, that is, we use the tongue to stir the body fluid and swallow it every morning, which has the effect of promoting body fluid and stomach.

The feet are called “the second heart of the human body” because there are various acupuncture points on the feet, which affect various organs of the body, one of which is the stomach. Therefore, proper movement of the toes can play a role in strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach.

Drink water before and after meals

After eating, you can drink more water. By drinking more water, you can effectively dilute the body’s gastric juice. It is also necessary to drink water before meals to help the body digest food faster to a certain extent.

It is worth noting that you must control the amount of anything you do, and the same is true for drinking water. It is more appropriate to drink a glass of water before and after meals.]

Drink water before and after meals
Drink water before and after meals

Conclusion: The health of the stomach cannot be ignored, and problems with the stomach indicate that the body is starting to light up red lights. To this end, we warmly remind everyone to pay attention to stomach health and actively nourish and protect the stomach.

If you find stomach discomfort, you should seek medical attention immediately, insist on doing a few things to nourish your stomach every day, suppress and regulate in time, and remember to ignore it, so as to avoid minor illnesses from turning into serious illnesses and cancer.

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