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Which one is healthier eating spicy food or not eating spicy food

Now that the weather is getting colder and colder, some people will arrange to eat hot pot in order to warm up. When eating hot pot, most of them will order red oil hot pot. The pepper in this hot pot is the most important seasoning.which one is healthier eating spicy food or not eating spicy food

Chili is a common food in life and is often used as a condiment. Different regions have different eating habits, and there are differences in the level of talents in the same region.

Some people like to eat chili peppers, and some people cannot accept the taste of chili peppers, so they are divided into two categories. One is people who do not eat chili peppers at all. These people will feel unwell and have symptoms such as sweating when they eat chili peppers.

which one is healthier eating spicy food or not eating spicy food
which one is healthier eating spicy food or not eating spicy food

The other type is people who don’t like spicy food. Almost every meal can’t be without chili peppers. If there is a lack of chili peppers, they will not be able to eat. For those who often eat spicy food and those who never eat spicy food, who is healthier? Woolen cloth?

Who is healthier between those who often eat spicy food and those who never eat spicy food? The doctor gives the answer
Some people in life will feel a burning sensation in the stomach after eating chili, so they think that eating chili will hurt the body. In fact, a small amount of capsaicin will stimulate the metabolism of gastric mucus, repair the gastric mucosa, and promote the health of the stomach. effect.

Capsaicin contained in peppers can soften blood vessels, help lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and improve the body’s resistance. Therefore, eating chili is good for the body, but you must control the intake.

What are the benefits of eating peppers
What are the benefits of eating peppers

If you can’t eat spicy food, and you have gastritis and stomach ulcers, then it’s best to eat less or not. You can eat some chili occasionally, but don’t eat too much. If you like spicy food, it’s okay to eat a little bit.

1. What are the benefits of eating peppers?

prevent gallstones

Eating chili peppers properly can prevent gallstones because the vitamin C contained in chili peppers can help prevent the occurrence of gallstones.

Certain substances contained in peppers can help people eliminate cholesterol and convert excess cholesterol into bile acids, thereby preventing gallstones.

 What are the benefits of eating peppers?
What are the benefits of eating peppers?

help lose weight

Eating chili in moderation can help lose weight. This is because chili peppers are rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the content of cholesterol in the body, which is very suitable for obese people.

Eating chili can also play a role in keeping out the cold. Chili can stimulate the nerves, promote the burning of body fat, and the body will gradually heat up, so this is the reason why many people choose to eat hot pot in winter.

Help the body to perspire and promote blood circulation

When eating hot pot, chili is indispensable. The taste of hot pot in each place is different. The spicy hot pot in the north is spicy to stimulate the taste, and the spicy in the southern region is spicy. Although it looks red and oily, it will not taste so spicy. profound.

 What are the benefits of eating peppers?
What are the benefits of eating peppers?

After eating chili peppers, most people will have symptoms of sweating on the top of the head and getting hot all over the body. This is because the blood flow rate is stimulated. cycle.

Chili is good, but not everyone can eat it
People with bad stomach: Chili has a certain irritant, so people with bad stomach should eat less chili, because it will cause great stimulation to the gastric mucosa, causing edema and congestion of the mucosa, and also affecting the digestive tract. run, aggravating the symptoms of stomach disease.

Hemorrhoids and constipation patients: Chili peppers contain capsaicin, because under the stimulation of capsaicin, hemorrhoid patients are more prone to edema and bleeding. Whether it is hemorrhoids or constipation, do not eat chili.

Patients with oral ulcers: People with oral ulcers are very sensitive to the taste of hot peppers. Eating chili peppers will aggravate the pain of gastrointestinal ulcers and prolong the healing speed of ulcers.

Pregnant women and mothers: Eating chili can easily make people angry and cause constipation, so it is best for pregnant women and mothers not to eat chili, otherwise it will affect the baby.

When you eat chili, you should eat it in moderation and don’t eat too much, because chili is more irritating and easy to hurt the stomach, especially the people mentioned above.

When eating chili, you can mix some cool foods, which is not easy to get angry, and you can also match some coarse grains. The rich dietary fiber can relieve the hot stomach and prevent constipation.

Eating chili in moderation is good for your health, but you should also eat it healthily. If your body is not suitable for eating chili, don’t force yourself to eat it, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

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