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Why do i have so many mole on my body what does it means

In this age of looking at appearance, every woman wants to have a beautiful face, but when you get older, the speed of aging accelerates, and the facial slack begins to develop freckles and wrinkles. These facial problems can be reduced through skin care products or cosmetic procedures. Some There are many moles on the human face, which are difficult to remove by external means, and especially affect the appearance.Why do i have so many mole on my body what does it means

Pigmented moles may be familiar to many people. Everyone may have some small black moles on their body and face. These moles are brought from the womb, and some moles are formed in the acquired living environment. Different moles on the body are different in size and volume, and where they grow, and moles may grow in any part of the body.

Why do i have so many mole on my body
Why do i have so many mole on my body

Old people in some areas call black moles on their bodies “scorpions”. People think that as long as moles do not grow on the face, or where they are not conspicuous, it is acceptable to have moles anywhere on the body. That’s it, it doesn’t affect your health, it doesn’t hurt or itches, so you don’t care.

Some people think that if a mole grows on the back of the neck, there is a certain theory. The ancients believed that a person’s fate and personality can be judged by the location of the mole. There is currently no scientific basis for this statement to prove that moles are used in medicine. The above is only divided into benign and malignant points, so some people have black moles on the back of their necks, while others do not. What is going on? Is it just a coincidence? Is the presence of black moles harmful or beneficial to the body? If you are more curious about these questions, you may wish to follow your doctor to find out.

1. What is a black moles

Melanocytic nevus, also known as nevus cell nevus, is a benign melanocytic tumor derived from the neural crest. According to the location of the nevus cells, it is divided into junctional nevus, mixed nevus and intradermal nevus.

Almost everyone has black moles, which are developmental deformities. The continuous movement of melanocytes from the neural crest to the epidermis is caused by the local accumulation of melanocytes due to accidental abnormalities. It is related to the active stimulation and trauma of sun-tanned skin.

what  is the reason to getting black moles
what is the reason to getting black moles

With the increase of age, the number of moles will also increase at any time. It tends to increase significantly during adolescence and development. The color is dark brown or black. A few are colorless moles without color. There is also the possibility of malignant transformation. , especially the pigmented nevus that grows at the end of the limbs, it is easy to be rubbed by clothing and skin, and needs special attention. If you find that the pigmented nevus suddenly increases in size, the pigment is uneven, and changes in redness, ulcers, and pain, you need to go to the hospital for inspection and treatment as soon as possible. , to rule out the possibility of disease and maintain a healthy body.

2. Some people will have a “mole” on the back of their neck, what does it imply? Maybe a lot of people don’t take it seriously

Maybe a lot of people don’t take it seriously
In life, it can be found that some people have moles on their faces, some people have moles on their fingers, and some people even have a black mole on the back of their neck. Some people say that a mole on the back of the neck means that there is an unresolved relationship in the past life, and there is a fate with people in the present life, but this statement is only the physiognomy of the ancients, without any scientific basis.

Black moles are also called pigmented moles in clinical medicine. Pigmented moles not only appear on the face, but also grow on the back of the neck, as well as in inconspicuous parts of every corner of the body. A healthy adult will develop 15 to 20 pigmented moles on the body after birth.

If you find that a mole suddenly grows on the back of your neck in your life, don’t be too afraid and nervous. You can observe whether the lesion of the mole is clear and smooth. If this is the case, it means that it is the accumulation of melanoma. If there is no obvious lump or pain, and no other adverse reactions, you do not need treatment, because normal pigmented moles will not affect your health. If the pigmented moles have the following problems, then need to pay attention.

Accompanied by pain

Under normal circumstances, healthy pigmented moles do not have any pain problems. If you find that there are black moles on your body and pain occurs at the same time, especially when you touch it, the pain is more obvious. It is likely to be caused by skin lesions. Take measures as soon as possible to avoid delaying the disease.

gradually increase in size

Recently, it was suddenly discovered that the black mole on the surface of the body suddenly protrudes and the volume increases, and with the increase of age, the volume is also changing significantly, and the volume and shape have changed significantly. This is likely to be a signal of impending lesions, and we need to be vigilant. Get up to check in time and take treatment measures.

there is bleeding

In some people, the pigmented moles on the skin surface also have bleeding and pain problems during the development process. It is found that there are ulcers and infections in the places where the moles exist. These are likely to be signs of skin cancer. After discovery, you must pay attention to them. Seek medical treatment promptly.

what  is the reason to getting black moles
what is the reason to getting black moles

uneven color

Normal pigmented moles should appear black or gray-black with uniform color. If there are pigmented moles with uneven color, you must be vigilant. It may be caused by skin cancer. After skin cancer, the melanin on the skin surface increases abnormally. Therefore, there will be uneven black moles on the local skin, which may be related to skin cancer.

Rapid changes in a short period of time

Generally speaking, moles growing on the surface of human skin are generally benign pigmented moles, and they will not appear abnormal for no reason. If there are black moles that change rapidly in a short period of time, then it needs to be taken seriously, most of which are related to skin cancer. .

Once the skin tissue becomes cancerous, the local cancer cells multiply by several times. If you find that pigmented moles suddenly appear on your skin surface, these black moles vary in size and change in a short period of time, you must pay attention to them. , may be a signal of skin cancer.

Edges are not clear

If you carefully observe the moles on your body, you will find that the edges of the pigmented moles are very clear and uniform in shape. If you find that the edges of the moles on yourself and those around you are not clear and the shape is abnormal, you should pay attention to whether it is an omen of skin lesions. Notice.

is that moles are lucky
what is the reason to getting black moles

Vascular or spider naevi

The signs of vascular moles are very obvious. This kind of mole is dark red and mostly develops in obvious parts of the body such as the forehead and face, and the color of the blood in the capillaries can be clearly seen, just like a spider, hence the name spider. Mole, if this kind of mole exists for a long time, it is very likely to be a harbinger of liver deterioration. We must pay attention to it and do liver CT in time. The possibility of liver disease was excluded.Why do i have so many mole on my body what does it means

3. How to prevent melanoma?

A. Pay attention to the melanoma on the parts that are easily rubbed

Self-examination should be carried out for pigmented moles that occur in places that are prone to friction, such as black moles growing on the waist, which are often rubbed by belts and clothing, and should be paid attention to as soon as possible.

B.Pay attention to the changes of pigmented moles

For example, swollen lymph nodes in the nevus area, faintly visible, blue-melanoma nevus, enlarged in size, dark or light in color, and the pigmented nevus expands radially to the surrounding, take preventive measures in advance to avoid the appearance of melanoma.

Everyone may have black moles on their bodies. This is a common phenomenon, and everyone should not worry too much, but also be alert to the risk of malignant transformation of black moles, and usually take preventive measures, and do early detection and early treatment. Do you have any unusual pigmented moles on your body? Feel free to leave a comment below.Why do i have so many mole on my body what does it means

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