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Why do we keep going to the gym every day?

1. Why do we need to exercise?

The simplest reason comes directly from the personal experience of each of us: exercise and fitness can make people live healthier, reduce the suffering of illness, and good physical fitness can also make people less affected by age as much as possible, so as to have a happier, a better quality of life.Why do we keep going to the gym every day?

To be more specific, for example, jack is frail and sickly, often catches colds, and suffers from stuffy nose. After a period of running and exercising, his body’s resistance increased, and he gradually found that he rarely caught a cold, and he no longer had to worry about stuffing his nose and sleeping with his mouth open after a cold. This is one of the most direct benefits of fitness. However, most of the people who go to the gym to exercise now start from “weight loss”.

Why do we keep going to the gym every day?
Why do we keep going to the gym every day?

2. Fitness primary: In order to lose weight, go to the gym.

Although they all go to the gym to lose weight because they are overweight or obese, the specific motivations still vary. For example, some people have begun to cause some physical diseases because of obesity, some people feel that obesity affects their appearance, some people can’t stand others laughing at themselves as fat, and some people are because obesity affects their ability to complete certain tasks. Big things (such as finding a partner, getting married, getting a promotion, and being overweight in some countries may also face fines or obesity taxes).

In short, obesity is not a good thing from a health point of view or from a social mainstream aesthetic point of view, so most people go to the gym for almost the same reason in the first place: to lose weight.

Elementary and intermediate fitness level: In order to be more beautiful, I only go to fitness.
Of course, there are people (women in the majority) who go to the gym to look better. At least before the age of 40, we can’t decide how we look, and we have to be responsible by our parents. However, the body shape can be corrected through exercise. When a person develops a proud and good figure, the appearance will also be affected, thereby greatly improving the overall appearance.

Another significant benefit of long-term fitness is that it can make a person look much younger than their peers, achieving the goal of permanent youth. Some people say that fitness is equivalent to plastic surgery. Although it is a bit exaggerated, the actual effect is really amazing. CCTV once invited a yoga practitioner to participate in a variety show. It looks like he is in his thirties at most, but in fact he is in his seventies. The positive impact of exercise and fitness on a person’s appearance and appearance is far beyond people’s imagination!

Why do we keep going to the gym every day?

3. Fitness Intermediate: For the sake of health, go to the gym.

A. What are the health benefits of fitness?

There are too many, and various works on kinematics will have detailed descriptions, so I won’t repeat them here. Just to give one most practical example: if you can stick to strength training, when you get old and maintain enough and stable muscle mass, you can make your bones healthier, muscles stronger, and life in old age is safer (lower). risk of falls), nor do you reduce social opportunities or the geographic scope of socializing because of physical exhaustion.

Intermediate and advanced fitness: Only go to the gym for the sake of competition.
The fitness path of most ordinary bodybuilders will basically stop at the level of “for health”, but there will also be a small number of bodybuilders who love fitness more and gradually approach the professional level, so these people will start to participate some games. For example, long-distance runners will participate in half or full marathons, strength trainers will participate in powerlifting or fitness competitions, and some people will take coaching certifications. So, at this level, is the goal of fitness come to an end? There is no end.

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