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Why isn’t my chest growing with 300 pushups

Some time ago, it was uploaded on the Internet that if you insist on push-ups every day, or if you insist on crunches every day, you can practice big chest muscles or eight-pack abs.Why isn’t my chest growing with 300 pushups

As a result, many people who have no experience in fitness, and who have no knowledge of fitness, have started doing push-ups and abdominal crunches, hoping to make their fat stomach and chest without pectoral muscles grow the muscles that others advertise.

Why isn't my chest growing with 300 pushups
Why isn’t my chest growing with 300 pushups

Obviously, this is impossible. Generally, when we do publicity, most of the pictures we use are from the Internet, and the people on these pictures have passed strict training, strict diet and rest, and insisted on Practiced for many years.
We can only say that you can exercise your pectoral muscles by doing push-ups, but whether you can do it well is not in line with the principle of fitness.

In other words, if you want to build big pecs by doing 300 push-ups a day, it’s impossible. It’s hard for your muscles to get a good stimulation of the pectoral muscles in the same intensity of training like push-ups.
There’s no way it’s going to be the pec muscle you want without enough stimulation, without the stimulation that forces it to get bigger.

If you want to exercise your chest muscles through 300 push-ups a day, the pressure on your chest muscles for each push-up is actually derived from your weight. Such a load is actually fixed and unchanged. .
In the early days of a workout, you may feel that you may have worked your pecs, and you may feel that your chest muscles will feel very sore.

Benefits of doing push ups

These are all correct feelings, but let’s look at it from another angle. You, a person who has never run a marathon, suddenly run a marathon one day. Will you not be sore? You can also feel your muscles sore when you run.

But people who know fitness and have a certain understanding of the principles of fitness know that running a marathon will not only make you gain muscle, but also make you lose muscle.
Do 300 push-ups. At the beginning, you go from a state of no exercise experience to 300 push-ups. This is a leap forward, and your muscles will be strongly stimulated.

But when your pectoral muscles have the strength to support you in push-ups, you exercise again, in fact, it is more about the endurance of the muscles being exercised, rather than its strength. You can’t get big pecs if it doesn’t grow in strength.
So why can’t we get eight pack abs by doing crunches? This problem is not absolute, if you are a very thin person, you can grow abs quickly by crunching and eating protein.

Why isn't my chest growing with 300 pushups
Why isn’t my chest growing with 300 pushups

But if you are a very fat person, sorry, you have to lose fat, otherwise your exercise will be useless. Our abdominal muscles are covered with fat, and when the body fat reaches seventeen or eighteen percent, you can hardly see the abdominal muscles.

and. It is impossible for fat to become muscle. When muscle is not exercised, it will not be converted into fat. Muscle will only be trained or disappear. There is no conversion relationship between it and fat.
Therefore, there are many articles of encouragement on the Internet, which seem to say how to do push-ups, and do crunches to develop abdominal muscles. This is almost impossible, not to mention what some people say, three months to practice big chest muscles, eight-pack abs.

right way of doing pushups
right way of doing pushups

There is a limit to the speed at which we can grow muscles, and you can’t expect you to become a muscular man in three months, especially if you don’t have enough rigorous training, and don’t have enough nutrition and skill reserves.
Fitness is calculated in units of years. Without enough determination and perseverance, it is difficult to achieve real progress.

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