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why powerful people know how to endure humiliation

1. Human development often follows the law of cause and effect, and humiliation can eliminate karma

Many people face humiliation, and it is often difficult to do so. Because forbearance means we have to suffer inexplicable humiliation, which is naturally unacceptable.why powerful people know how to endure humiliation

If we simply stand on the face of ourselves, it is indeed difficult for us to let go of the humiliation. If we understand the law of causality in nature, you will often understand that the development of everything has a causal connection.

Inamori Kazuo said in his article that all the development of things has a root, and the root is the root that determines our perception of things.

Sometimes we are insulted for no reason, and it is often very uncomfortable. So how do we let go of this emotion? Judging from the causal connection of nature, in fact, the reason why we suffer humiliation today is often because of the evil causes in the past that lead to today’s results.

why powerful people know how to endure humiliation
why powerful people know how to endure humiliation

If we understand that forbearance is essentially to eliminate our past karma, we may understand that your forbearance is not humiliation, but to offset the things that you did not do well in the past, and naturally this kind of thing will happen in your future. chances are getting smaller and smaller.

Forbearance can eliminate the karma we have committed in the past, which is actually an opportunity for us to redeem our sins. The more we know how to keep doing this, the more we will find that good things will come to us.

Kazuo Inamori recounted how many times he couldn’t help but think sadly, why should I be blamed for working so hard, why should I suffer that kind of crime.

If a person does not understand the opportunity to practice tolerance, then a person may hold a grudge, resent others, or even beat others.

But if we understand the truth of humiliation, you may understand that the humiliation you have suffered is actually helping you to overcome the past.

2. Forbearance allows us to focus on what we do

When we suffer from the abuse of life, we should not be tripped up by emotions, but jump out of the existing small pattern to think about what we want to leave for our life and what kind of person we want to be.

The purpose of forbearance is essentially to learn to ignore and do more important things. Never forget the purpose and goal of your life because of humiliation, so that we can better improve our life, and we will not make life without regrets and regrets.

why powerful people know how to endure humiliation
why powerful people know how to endure humiliation

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