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3 tricks to get rid of dull skin

 to get rid of dull skin naturally

There is a saying: “One white covers three ugliness, one yellow destroys everything.”3 tricks to get rid of dull skin

The maintenance of skin complexion has always been a topic of concern for women, and dull and uneven skin tone will affect the complexion of the whole person.

But you know what?

  3 tricks to get rid of dull skin
3 tricks to get rid of dull skin

To be precise, dullness refers to the lack of radiance in the skin.

Especially for people with dark skin, if the skin is dull, the face will be covered with a layer of fog and look listless.

So what exactly causes dull skin tone? How to improve it?

Today, I will share with you the secret of dull skin~

do not stay up late
do not stay up late

1. The makeup removal is not clean and the cleaning is not in place.

Cosmetic residues settle on the skin and deteriorate over time, leading to dull skin.

2. Dry skin and dehydrated skin.

It is easy to form a surface texture, not smooth and moisturizing enough, and it will also lead to dull skin.

3. Long-term UV exposure.

Melanin cannot be metabolized, and it accumulates and deposits on the skin, and in severe cases, spots will develop.

4. Stay up late, sleep late.

From 11:00 pm to 3:00 pm is the time for liver and gallbladder detoxification. If you don’t fall asleep, the waste toxins cannot be excreted, and the skin color will be dull and blue the next day.

How to deal with dull skin tone?

The editor suggests that you can choose internal conditioning + external conditioning for conditioning.

1. Gently cleanse the face

Cleaning is the most fundamental part of your skincare routine. In daily cleaning, in addition to considering the cleaning strength, also consider the mildness. For example, soap-based facial cleansers are powerful, but frequent use can cause barrier damage. Therefore, it is best to use amino acid facial cleanser.

2. Eat more fruits and vitamin supplements

Such as kiwi, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, citrus, etc., are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can stimulate and promote the renewal of epidermal cells and the shedding of dead cells.

How to deal with dull skin tone?
How to deal with dull skin tone?

3. Don’t stay up late! Do not stay up all night! Do not stay up all night!

This is the simplest and most important point. You can’t “use the most expensive skin care products and stay up the latest night”. Your body can renew itself during sleep. Epidermal renewal can remove dead cells and get rid of dull complexion. With a healthy body, the skin condition will naturally improve slowly.

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