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Benefits of eating Seedless Fruits for skin, stomach

Recently, high temperatures have continued in many places, and the highest temperature in some areas has even reached 40°C. The high temperature lasted for a month, affecting more than 900 million people. In the hot summer, many people choose to eat fruits to cool off the heat, especially many families who like to buy seedless fruits, such as seedless watermelons and seedless grapes. However, many people will question the safety and health of seedless fruits – will eating seedless fruits cause unhealthy effects on the body? Benefits of eating Seedless Fruits for skin, stomach

benefits of eating seedless fruit for skin
benefits of eating seedless fruit for skin

What is the truth? Where do seedless fruits come from, and are they safe to eat?

In fact, the principle of seedless fruit comes from inhibiting the development of plant seeds. The fruit is the fruit of the plant, and its sacred mission is to protect the seeds inside, and at the same time use the sweet smell to attract animals and spread the seeds of the plant. But if we can take some measures to prevent the development of plant seeds without affecting the development of the outer wall of the ovary, then we will get seedless fruits.

The first method is to apply a certain concentration of plant hormones to the fruit to inhibit the development of seeds and promote fruit development. Among them, seedless grapes are one of the representatives. Many seedless grape varieties on the market are bred with a certain concentration of hormones during the flowering period of the grapes and the formation of young ears. Hormone-treated grapes can not only achieve a higher seedless rate, but also increase the size of the fruit.

The second method is through hybridization, so that the seeds cannot develop normally, and at the same time, a certain stimulus is given, so that the fruit itself can produce enough plant hormones for its development. This is how seedless watermelons are cultivated. Ordinary watermelons are diploid plants, that is, they contain two sets of chromosomes in their cells, and they can set seeds normally. People treated watermelons with colchicine, which doubled their chromosomes into tetraploids, and such tetraploid watermelons also set seeds.

what are the benefits of eating watermelon
what are the benefits of eating watermelon

However, when a tetraploid watermelon is crossed with a diploid watermelon to produce a triploid watermelon, its embryo sac will be chaotic when producing egg cells, so it cannot be fertilized normally to become a normal seed. At this time, the pollen of the diploid watermelon is used for pollination, and the auxin-synthesizing enzyme system contained in the pollen is carried into the watermelon fruit by the pollen tube, so that the auxin can be synthesized in the triploid watermelon fruit. The fruit becomes a seedless fruit.

In addition to this, there is a third method, which is to produce seedless fruits by looking for mutants whose seeds are sterile but can produce phytohormones themselves. This is exactly how seedless citrus is cultivated. Some citrus branches were mutated due to external stimuli during germination, so that the seeds could not develop, but the fruit itself developed normally. These branches are propagated by cuttings, grafting, etc., to produce seedless citrus.

What are the benefits of eating Seedless Oranges
What are the benefits of eating Seedless Oranges

Seedless Watermelon and Seedless Oranges

As for the health and safety of seedless fruits, experts say there is no need to worry. In general, there is little nutritional difference between seedless fruits and normal fruits. Although some seedless fruits use phytohormones in their growth, they are safe to eat. Because the phytohormones used in seedless fruits are quite chemically different from the animal hormones and have different metabolic mechanisms. All kinds of plant hormones used in agricultural production will not have the effect of animal hormones after being ingested into the human body.

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