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What are the mistakes of men’s skin care

The first point of men’s skin care: stereotyped gender stereotypes are not acceptable. Boys also have the right to “beauty”. Any boy should be sloppy. Men’s skin care is not only for good looks, but also to build their self-confidence. This also leads to the first misunderstanding of men’s skin care.What are the mistakes of men’s skin care

 What are the mistakes of men's skin care
What are the mistakes of men’s skin care

Myth 1: Skin care equals mother

Our traditional culture is used to describe boys’ skin as “dark and rough”, while “white, smooth and delicate” is used to praise girls’ skin. Under the influence of this stereotype, skin care has almost become a “female exclusive”. “, once the boys also start skin care, they will be considered to be pursuing female characteristics, so they will be labeled as “girls”, “feminine” and even “perverted”.

 What are the mistakes of men's skin care
What are the mistakes of men’s skin care

However, with the improvement of the education level of modern people, many people gradually began to realize that, regardless of men and women, a clean and tidy face, or the importance of one’s own appearance, this is not only a person’s self-requirement, but also A respect for others.

Just imagine, a boy with blackheads and acne, unshaven beard and ragged clothes, and a boy with clean skin and decent clothes, which boy looks better? As a boy, which boy would you prefer to be friends with? As a girl, which boy do you prefer?

Myth 2: Skin care products are the same as cosmetics

If the first misunderstanding is a psychological problem, then the second misunderstanding is a cognitive problem. In the eyes of many boys, skin care is equal to applying fat and powder, which obviously confuses the concepts of makeup and skin care.

Although both are bottles and jars on the dressing table, the main role of skin care products is to protect and maintain the skin, and to care for a certain problem of the skin, such as adjusting the skin’s water and oil balance, sun protection, removing Acne, deliver nutrients to skin cells, etc.

The main function of cosmetics is to temporarily cover the blemishes of the skin, and to beautify the face through various modifications, so that visually, there will be a big difference before and after makeup. Therefore, skin care and makeup are two completely different concepts.

Misunderstanding 3: Men’s skin care should use men’s skin care products

This is actually a marketing tactic of merchants to attract boys who have no skin care experience or who have just tried skin care, thus creating an illusion in their psychology: Although I do skin care, I don’t use skin care products exclusively for women, so I Still very manly.

Similar psychology is actually unnecessary. The difference between men’s skin care and women’s skin care is almost negligible. In contrast, men’s acne, blackheads, and acne marks are more serious, and they need more targeted maintenance. Use this kind of skin care products It doesn’t matter if it’s for men or not.

Men's skin care should use men's skin care products
Men’s skin care should use men’s skin care products

Myth 4: Boys have stronger skin than girls

Boys’ skin is rougher than girls’ skin, which makes boys feel that their skin is rock solid and does not need special protection. Therefore, not to mention staying up late, smoking, even under the scorching sun, do not take any sun protection measures, and even rub your face hard when washing your face.

I have to say that the skin of boys is not as strong as they think, especially the terrible skin cancer. The probability of men getting sick is much higher than that of women. It is conceivable that this is the result of boys not paying attention to skin care.

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